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There are a lot of great griffin names out there, but finding the perfect one can be tricky. 

To help make the process easier, we’ve compiled a list of 100+ of the best griffin names.

From classic and regal monikers like Athena and Zeus to more playful ones like Feathers and Pikachu, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for your new companion.

Griffins in mythology 

Griffins are mythical creatures with the head, beak, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. They are said to be fiercely protective of their young and will go to great lengths to defend them. In many cultures, griffins are seen as a symbol of strength and intelligence.

The word “griffin” comes from the Greek word γρυπός (grūpós), which means “curved”, referring to the animal’s hooked beak.

In mythology, griffins were often depicted as guarding treasure troves. This is likely because they were associated with eagles and lions, traditionally seen as symbols of power and wealth.

There are a few things to consider when naming a griffin.

First, griffins are known for being ferocious and regal creatures, so a name that reflects these qualities is ideal.

Second, because they are part lion and part eagle, choosing a name with meaning related to these animals is also fitting.

Female griffin names with meaning 

Here are the best griffin names with meaning for your girl griffin.

Aella“Whirlwind” (Greek)
AndromedaThe daughter of Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, a galaxy, and a constellation. 
Aquila“Eagle” (Latin origin)
Aquilia“Eagle” (Latin)
Aquilina“Eagle” (Latin)
Arnelle“Eagle power” (English)
Astra“Of the stars” (Greek)
AthenaIn Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war. She is often depicted with an owl, which is fitting for a regal griffin like your own.
AuroraThe Latin word for dawn, aurora also refers to the Northern Lights. What better name for a griffin whose feathers shimmer in all the rainbow colors?
Ava“Like a bird” (Latin)
Callista“Most beautiful” (Greek)
CarmenA Spanish name meaning “song” or “poem,” Carmen is perfect for a melodious griffin who loves to sing.
CassandraCassandra was a Greek prophet who foresaw doom, but no one believed her.
CassiopeiaThe mother of Andromeda in Greek mythology and the name of a constellation.
Best griffin names - Griffin artwork from the Metropolitan Museum
CelesteIn Latin, celeste means heavenly. A griffin whose feathers shimmer in every rainbow color would undoubtedly be divine to behold!
CharityA Latin name meaning “love,” charity is a fitting name for a griffin who loves to help others.
ChrysalisLatin for “golden brown”, chrysalis can refer to a butterfly emerging from its cocoon or the cocoon itself.
CircleA circle is a perfect shape for a griffin who loves to fly in circles. 
ClarityA Latin name meaning “clear,” clarity is a fitting name for a griffin who is always crystal clear in her thoughts.
CleoA Greek name meaning “glory,” Cleo is a fitting name for a griffin full of glory.
Cleopatra“Glory of her father” (Greek)
CloudCloud is a beautiful griffin that is as light and airy as the clouds in the sky.
Cyrene“Supreme power” (Greek)
Hesperia“Evening star” (Greek)
Leona“Lioness” (Latin origin)
NalaThe best friend of Simba in the Disney film The Lion King.
Nephele“Cloudy” (Greek)
Ophelia“Help” (Greek)
Pandora“All gifted” (Greek)
SarabiSimba’s mother in The Lion King.
SarafinaNala’s mother in The Lion King.
Vega“Swooping eagle” (Arabic)
Xena“Hospitable” (Greek)
Zephyra“West wind” (Greek)
Griffin name - A griffin standing

Male griffin names with meaning 

Here are the best male griffin names with meanings to choose from:

Adler“Eagle” (German)
Aero“Of the sky” (Greek)
Ajax“Eagle” (Greek)
ApolloThe Greek god of sun and light.
Aquilo“Eagle” (Latin)
Arnault“Eagle” (French)
Arne“Strong as an eagle” (Scandinavian origin)
Arno“Eagle” (German)
Arnold“Eagle power” (German)
AsherA Hebrew name meaning “one who brings happiness”.
Astro“Of the stars” (Greek)
BalthazarA Hebrew name that means “protector of the King”.
Barak“Lightning” (Hebrew)
CirrusA Latin name meaning “lock of hair,” cirrus is a fitting name for a griffin.
CloudA cloud is usually white, silver, or gray and hovers in the sky. It can be beautiful to look at!
CyrusAn English name derived from the Persian word for “sun”.
DamonA Greek name meaning “to tame” or “subdue”.
DionysusThe god of winemaking in Greek mythology.
Ezio“Eagle” (Italian)
Hesperos“Evening star” (Greek)
Icarus“The one who reaches the sky” (Greek)
Leo“Lion” (Latin origin)
MufasaSimba’s father in The Lion King.
Orion“Rising in the sky” (Greek)
Paco“Eagle” (Spanish)
ScarThe antagonist in The Lion King.
SimbaThe main character in the Disney film The Lion King.
ThorThe Norse god of thunder.
Triton“The god of the sea” (Greek)
ZeusThe god of the sky in Greek mythology.

Cool griffin names

A griffin statue in Zsolnay cultural district Hungary
Arden“Valley of the eagle” (English)
Ari“Lion of God” (Hebrew origin)
Ariel“Lion of God” (Hebrew)
ArtemisThe goddess of hunting and wild animals in Greek mythology.
CloudburstA griffin name meaning “a sudden heavy rain,” Cloudburst is a fitting name for a griffin who loves to burst with energy. 
HesperMeans “evening star”. (Greek)
PegasusThe divine winged horse in Greek mythology.
PhoenixThe mythical bird that rises from the ashes.

Good griffin names

List of griffin names with griffin fountain statues
  • Alcatraz
  • April
  • Bluewing
  • Chrysus
  • Hades
  • Helios
  • Lightningwing
  • Mountainclaw
  • Moonfeather
  • Redfeathers
  • Pikachu
  • Softwings
  • Soren
  • Whitefluff
  • Zephyrus

Ark griffin names

Here are some name ideas for griffins in the Ark game.

  • Avalar
  • Feathers
  • Firefly
  • Fluffy
  • Griffindor
  • Merlin
  • Misty
  • Sky
  • Tristan
  • Whirlwind
  • Wind
  • Zelda
  • Zephyr

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    1. I only add names that perfectly fit the animal/creature I’m writing about, rather than having a huge list of generic names. But I’ll definitely add more names if I find some inspiring ones! Thank you for leaving a comment.

  1. I am writing a Fantasy Novel and some of the names you used would work great for my story could I use some of them or are they copy right protected?

    1. I’m happy to hear you found some names you liked! The names are not copyright protected, and you can definitely use them in your story. Most of the names are readily available and not my own creations. I did make up some of the names here, like Lightningwing and Moonfeather. You’re free to use those as well; I haven’t copyrighted any names.

      Sometimes I mention famous character names in my posts. I’m not sure if you can use names that already belong to existing fictional characters. I don’t know copyright law that well, but I read that while you can’t copyright a name, some fictional character names can be trademarked. This is not legal advice, though.

      But when it comes to any general names on this website, you’re free to use them in your own work!

  2. Great work! This list was extremely helpful for finding a name for the Griffin I’m writing into my book!

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