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A hippogriff is a mythological creature with the body of a horse and the head and wings of an eagle. If you’re lucky enough to have a hippogriff as a companion, you’ll need to come up with a fitting name for them. Here are 100+ of the best hippogriff names.

Hippogriffs in mythology 

Hippogriffs are mythical creatures that are part horse and part eagle. The word “hippogriff” (also spelled hippogryph) is derived from the Greek words “hippos” meaning “horse” and “griffin” meaning “eagle”.

Hippogriffs play a significant role in many works of fantasy literature, such as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and C.S Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia series.

The hippogriff was invented by Ludovico Ariosto in the early 16th century. In his poem Orlando Furioso, the hippogriff is an offspring of a griffin and a mare.

Hippogriffs are extremely rare because horses are prey to griffins. Therefore, horses are unlikely to mate with griffins.

Hippogriffs are more straightforward to tame than griffins. That might be because they’re half horses.

Hippogriffs are swift fliers. Magicians and knights ride these mythical creatures.

A hippogriff flying with a knight

When it comes to naming a hippogriff, both griffin names and horse names are a great match.

Female hippogriff names with meaning

Some of the best names for female hippogriffs tend to be feminine and graceful sounding.

Some popular girl hippogriff names include:

Aella”Whirlwind” (Greek)
AndromedaThe daughter of Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, a constellation, and a galaxy.
Aquila“Eagle” (Latin origin)
Aquilia“Eagle” (Latin)
Aquilina“Eagle” (Latin)
Arnelle“Eagle power” (English)
Astra“Of the stars” (Greek)
AthenaThe goddess of wisdom and war in Greek mythology. This powerful name would suit a strong and intelligent female hippogriff.
CassiopeiaThe mother of Andromeda in Greek mythology, and the name of a constellation.
CelestiaThis name is derived from the Latin word for “heavenly” or “celestial.” It is a perfect name for a regal and beautiful hippogriff.
Cyrene“Supreme power” (Greek)
Electra”Shining, bright” (Greek)
Filipina”Lover of horses.”
Hesperia“Evening star” (Greek)
Hippolyta”Horse let loose.”
Kyra”Lady” (Greek)
NovaThis name means “new” in Latin, making it a great choice for a young hippogriff filly.
Philippa”Lover of horses.”
Vega“Swooping eagle” (Arabic)
Xena”Hospitable” (Greek)
Xenia”Hospitable” (Greek) 
Zephyra”West wind” (Greek)

Male hippogriff names with meaning

In general, male hippogriffs tend to have names that are more masculine sounding than their female counterparts.

Buckbeak hippogriff standing
Mike Prince from Bangalore, India, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Here are some of the most popular boy hippogriff names and their meanings:

Adler“Eagle” (German)
Aero“Of the sky” (Greek)
Ajax“Eagle” (Greek)
ApolloThe Greek god of sun and light.
Aquilo“Eagle” (Latin)
Arnault“Eagle” (French)
Arne“Strong as an eagle” (Scandinavian origin)
Arno“Eagle” (German)
Arnold“Eagle power” (German)
Astro“Of the stars” (Greek)
Buck”Deer, cowboy” (English origin)
DionysusThe god of winemaking in Greek mythology.
Ezio“Eagle” (Italian)
Hesperos“Evening star” (Greek)
Hippocrates”Horse power” (Greek)
Hippolytus”Horse let loose” (Greek)
Icarus“The one who reaches the sky” (Greek)
Jupiter”Supreme god” (Latin)
Orion“Rising in the sky” (Greek)
Paco“Eagle” (Spanish)
Philippos”Lover of horses” (Greek)
ThorThe Norse god of thunder.
Triton“The god of the sea” (Greek)
Xanthippos”Yellow horse” (Greek)
ZeusThe god of the sky in Greek mythology.
Best hippogriff names - A flying hippogriff drawing

Cool hippogriff names

Arden“Valley of the eagle” (English)
ArtemisThe goddess of hunting and wild animals in Greek mythology.
Blaze”Fire” (Latin origin)
HesperMeans “evening star”. (Greek)
PegasusThe divine winged horse in Greek mythology.
PhoenixThe mythical bird that rises from the ashes.

Good hippogriff names

  • Buckfeathter
  • Buckwings
  • Bucktalon
  • Raven
  • Sky
  • Storm
  • Stormfeather
  • Stormwings
  • Wildfeathers
  • Wildwing
  • Windclaw
  • Windfeathers
  • Windscreech

Funny hippogriff names

  • Beautyfeather
  • Beautywing
  • Dashhoof
  • Dashmane
  • Flowmane
  • Fluffywings
  • Glitterbeak
  • Glitterclaw
  • Loudbeak
  • Loudmane
  • Loudwing
  • Quickeye
  • Quickfeather
  • Quickmane
  • Quicktalon
  • Sharptalon
  • Swiftmane
  • Tamehoof

Harry Potter hippogriff names

In Harry Potter, hippogriffs are described as proud, dangerous, yet loyal creatures.

The most famous Harry Potter hippogriff is, of course, Buckbeak. The poor fellow was sentenced to death in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Fortunately, Harry and Hermione managed to save Buckbeak. The hippogriff escaped from Hogwarts with another outlaw, Sirius Black, riding on his back.

Buckbeak is the only hippogriff mentioned by name in the Harry Potter series. He was later renamed Witherwings.

Harry Potter hippogriff names - Buckbeak lying down

HarshLight from San Jose, CA, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

According to Harry Potter WikiFleetwingStormswift, and Hothoof possibly belonged to Hogwarts hippogriff herd. They were only mentioned in J.K Rowling’s handwritten list of hippogriff names.

The 19th-century hippogriffs Caligo (male) and Highwing (female) appeared in the Hogwarts Legacy video game.

My Little Pony hippogriff names

These are the names of hippogriffs in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:

  • Cobalt Cloudhunter
  • Flash Feather
  • Flutter Cloud
  • General Seaspray
  • Haven Bay
  • Ocean Flow
  • Princess Skystar
  • Queen Novo
  • Salina Blue
  • Sea Poppy
  • Silverstream
  • Sky Beak
  • Stratus Skyranger
  • Terramar
  • Vetera

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