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Are you looking for a name for your troll character?

You’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll give you 222+ of the best troll names to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a name for your World of Warcraft character or just a good laugh, this list has you covered.

Trolls in mythology

In mythology, trolls are often portrayed as ugly, dumb creatures who live in dark caves or under bridges. They sometimes have magical powers but are mostly known for their mischievous nature.

Trolls have been a part of Norse folklore for centuries. They are also found in German and British stories.

Despite their negative reputation, trolls can be depicted as symbols of nature’s power and mystery. They remind us that there is more to the world than we can see with our eyes.

Trolls in popular culture

In recent years, trolls have become popular characters in children’s books and fantasy literature.

Trolls in Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are scary and dangerous. However, in some children’s books, TV shows, and games, trolls are depicted as cute and likable characters.

One of the most memorable trolls for me has been the Danish video game character Hugo. He’s more on the cute side, not an ugly, big troll.

But the troll character that has impacted me the most is, of course, Rölli. He’s a famous children’s television character in Finland. Rölli was on TV all the time in my childhood.

Rölli lives by himself in a cabinet in the middle of a forest. He never takes a bath or brushes his teeth. Scaring children is one of his favorite activities. But on the inside, he’s a good-hearted person.

Best troll names

  • Alwan
  • Equinus
  • Gunnar
  • Harold
  • Hokajin
  • Holger
  • Hugo
  • Juma
  • Kaijin
  • Kazko
  • Kurzol
  • Lakjin
  • Melkree
  • Paikei
  • Ragnar
  • Rakash
  • Razi
  • Reji
  • Rollo
  • Rölli
  • Sligo
  • Tanjin
  • Tazingo
  • Trezzahn
  • Uhtred
  • Venjo
  • Vuzashi
  • Xukundi
  • Yetu
  • Zulrajas

Female troll names

Trolls are mythical creatures that originated in Scandinavian folklore. They are typically depicted as ugly, loud, and aggressive. Female troll names often reflect these characteristics.

Female troll names - A female troll figurine holding the flag of Norway outdoors

Some good female troll names include BerthaGertrude, and Hilda. These names are all short and harsh sounding. They also have a guttural quality, which reflects the trolls’ ugly appearance.

Other common female troll names are BrunhildaIngrid, and Sigrid. These names are old-fashioned and have a lot of history behind them. They conjure up images of ancient Nordic queens or warrior princesses.

  • Bertha
  • Bie
  • Brunhilda
  • Gertrude
  • Gro
  • Gunhild
  • Helga
  • Hilda
  • Hildemar
  • Ingrid
  • Kea
  • Keja
  • Melelea
  • Nelina
  • Rasha
  • Renji
  • Shaktila
  • Sigrid
  • Sonja
  • Teza
  • Yajdna
  • Yrsa
  • Yuhai
  • Zalmea
  • Zara
  • Zenma
  • Zhonya 

Cute troll names

  • Bo
  • Bumpy
  • Giggles
  • Gunnar
  • Helga
  • Hilda
  • Hildemar
  • Hugo
  • Pickle
  • Rollo
  • Rölli

Funny troll names

Funny troll names - A troll figurine

If you’re ever lucky enough to encounter a troll, you might want to be prepared with a few funny names to call them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Boogerface McGee
  • Bumpy Jowls
  • Crusty Linda
  • Fart Breath Harold
  • Giggles McSlimeball
  • Gigglesnort
  • Pickle Nose Paul
  • Smellyfoot
  • Snaggletooth Susie
  • Snorklegrub
  • Snotty Nancy
  • Stinky Pete
  • Twinkletoes

WoW troll names

There are many different types of trolls in World of Warcraft, and they all have unique names. Some well-known troll tribes include the DarkspearShatterspear, and Revantusk.

Trolls are known for their brutal nature and savage attacks. They are often feared and misunderstood by other races. However, there is more to these creatures than meets the eye.

A blue-haired female troll

Trolls of Azeroth have a rich history and culture steeped in tradition, and their names reflect that. 

WoW male troll names

  • Drairmun
  • Drakanu
  • Drazojun
  • Drivaasa
  • He’shasun
  • Kal’dan
  • Koduh
  • Kug’niren
  • Kuh’neil
  • Pam’kol
  • Pezkan
  • Po’gian
  • Pul’ghon
  • Rum’gha
  • Shexoha
  • Shoze
  • Shul’zariay
  • Sil’saapoh
  • Soxi
  • Sumbenohn
  • To’rain
  • Tradi
  • Tralo
  • Trewuguhn
  • Tzar’nuz
  • Tzes’gia
  • Vo’toren
  • Xango
  • Zel’guh

WoW female troll names

  • Bon’zin
  • Dal’juh
  • Dalrie
  • Erohsun
  • E’zo
  • Famjo
  • Godi
  • Himuzran
  • Ih’ji
  • Jathuh
  • Khexath
  • Khijin
  • Kuhmen
  • Lanto
  • Len’deneth
  • Rehiatu
  • Tishajer
  • Un’ka
  • Vaehmu
  • Vanzo
  • Ven’du
  • Vih’konn
  • Vohra
  • Xojeth
  • Yo’keshuth
  • Yun’za
  • Zheatille
  • Zhonwo
  • Zooxo
  • Zumehia 
Troll name ideas - A troll toy on a table with bottles

Zandalari troll names

These names are designed for trolls of the Zandalari tribe in World of Warcraft.

Male Zandalari troll names

  • Arke
  • Borkevish
  • Dansat
  • Drir’chis
  • Ek’wok
  • Er’zevil
  • Jol’moni
  • Kahec
  • Mofok
  • Ner’cha
  • Sazat
  • Sehesh
  • Trakan
  • Trarkhus
  • Trufe
  • Trunsuh
  • Va’miti
  • Ve’kavut
  • Ylnani
  • Zake

Female Zandalari troll names

  • A’wida
  • Aw’o
  • Haluy’re
  • In’ah
  • Jiw’uk
  • Ju’wis
  • Kamihik
  • Khage
  • Khawisgu
  • Kih’i
  • Man’ye
  • Mol’odi
  • Mun’o
  • Nafush
  • Nan’i
  • Nu’yi
  • Piv’rowu
  • Pumu
  • Ukurash
  • Ur’a

What are some troll names for CoD?

When it comes to the best troll names for Call of Duty, few stand out above the rest.

For starters, “Noob” is always a classic choice to get a rise out of your opponents. Another great option is “Camping Noob,” which is perfect for those players who like to stay in one spot and pick off enemies from afar.

If you really want to irritate your opponents, go with “Laggy Noob,” which will have them cursing their connection every time you kill them.

Whatever troll name you choose, remember to have fun with it and annoy your enemies as much as possible!

  • Angry Camper
  • Angry Noob
  • Angry Troller
  • Better Than U
  • Call of Noob
  • Call of Troll
  • Camper Troll
  • Camping Noob
  • Captain America
  • Get Rekt
  • Hack Hunter
  • Laggy as Hell
  • Laggy Noob
  • Lag Master
  • Noob
  • Noob Assassin
  • Noob Butt
  • Noob Hunter
  • Noob King
  • Noob Master
  • Noob Shooter
  • NoobTube
  • Spanking Assassin
  • Winner 4ever
  • You’re Just a Poor Player

Internet troll names

An internet troll posts inflammatory, insulting, or otherwise provocative comments in an online community to provoke other users into an emotional response.

Trolling can be done for various reasons, including to get attention, to make people angry, or just for fun.

Troll name ideas - A cute troll toy on green background

In some cases, people may not even realize they’re trolling. They may simply be posting their honest opinion in a way that is deliberately designed to provoke a reaction.

Whatever the reason, trolling is generally considered to be disruptive and harmful to online communities. It can lead to heated arguments and even real-world violence.

For this reason, many websites have strict policies against trolling, and moderators work hard to remove trolls from their platforms.

I don’t encourage anyone to start trolling online. However, coming up with internet troll names is a lot of fun! Making them up doesn’t necessarily mean you need to become an internet troll.

Maybe you need a username for a fictional Twitch troller in your short story, for instance. Then, these name ideas will be handy for you.

Common themes for internet troll names include:

Pop culture references: These can be anything from film and TV characters to famous internet memes. For example, “The Joker,” “Darth Vader,” or “Harry Potter.”

Rude or offensive words/phrases: This is perhaps the most popular category of troll names, as it allows users to be as insulting or provocative as they want. A username that includes the word “loser” is a classic example.

I came up with the name Debbie Thumbs-Downer myself. I must say I’m proud of this idea!

  • Angry Bird
  • Anonymous99
  • Badboy66
  • Chicken Dinner Winner
  • Darth Vader
  • Debbie Thumbs-Downer
  • Enemy96
  • Harry Potter
  • Joker
  • Kermit Lover
  • Legend98
  • Loser Hunter
  • Mafia Man
  • Passw0rd
  • Pegasus69
  • Pink Panther
  • Pony Girl
  • Poseidon666
  • Sexyboy974
  • SpongeBob
  • SquarePants
  • Sugar Daddy
  • Too hot 2 quit
  • Unicorn777
  • Username
  • Voldemort

I hope you’ve found some good troll names in this post. Whether you need name ideas for gaming, fantasy characters, or internet trolls, there’s something for everyone.

Do you still need more inspiration? Try our post on the best goblin names! You might also like our list of the best half-orc names.

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