Red dragon names - A Chinese red dragon statue

Ready to fly into the world of red dragons? These fiery, majestic creatures continue to intrigue us with their crimson scales and burning hot flame breath.

Fire up your imagination with our collection of 240+ best red dragon names. These are the top ideas for fantasy fans, Dungeons & Dragons players, and authors.

How to choose a red dragon name

These types of names fit red dragons:

Fire names: Red dragons are associated with fire in Chinese culture. Also, the color red is connected to fire and passion. So flame-themed names are perfect for red dragons.

Names that mean ”sun” or dawn” also fit red dragons.

You might also find inspiration from our collection of the best phoenix names.

Welsh names: The red dragon is significant in Welsh mythology, so consider Welsh names for your red dragon.

Chinese names: The red dragon is a lucky symbol in China, so why not give your red dragon a Chinese name?

Red dragon names female

These are the top name ideas for red female dragons, including their meanings:

Afanen”Raspberry” (Welsh)
Agni”Fire” (Sanskrit)
Akako”Red child” (Japanese)
Akane”Deep red” (Japanese)
Alhambra”Red fortress” (Arabic origin). A place name in Spain.
Aruna”Reddish brown” (Sanskrit)
Arusha”Red” (Sanskrit)
Aurora”Dawn” (Latin)
Chibeni”As red as blood” (Japanese)
Chizuki”Red moon” or ”blood moon” (Japanese)
Cyra”Sun” (Persian)
Enya”Fire” (Irish)
Haf”Summer” (Welsh). A fitting name since red dragons are associated with summer in Chinese culture.
Helia”Sun” (Greek)
Heulwen”Sunshine” (Welsh)
Humayra”Red” (Arabic)
Kalinda”The Sun” (Hindi)
Kurenai”Crimson” (Japanese)
Ma’evehpota’e”Red leaf woman” (Cheyenne)
Miaka”Beautiful red” (Japanese)
Rhosyn”Rose” (Welsh)
Rubina”Ruby, red stone” (Italian)
Scarlett”Red” (French origin)
Seraphina”Burning ones” (Hebrew)
Talutah”Blood-red” (Sioux)
Tesni”Warmth of the sun” (Welsh)
A funny red dragon statue

Red dragon names male

Here’s a list of the best names for red male dragons, plus their meanings:

Akashi”Red” (Japanese)
Altan”Red dawn” (Turkish)
Anshul”Sunbeam” (Hindi)
Cyrus”Sun” (Persian)
Ddraig”Dragon” (Welsh)
Draco”Dragon” (Greek)
Edom”Red” (Hebrew)
Haul”Sun” (Welsh)
Hefin”Summer” (Welsh). This name fits red dragons because they’re associated with summer in Chinese culture.
Helios”Sun” (Greek)
Ignatius”Fiery” (Latin)
Keahi”Flames” (Hawaiian)
Miltiades”Red earth” (Greek)
Mushkhushshu”Reddish snake” (Mesopotamian)
Pyro”Fire” (Greek)
Pyrrhus”Flame-colored” (Greek)
Rohit”Red” (Sanskrit)
Ruadh”Red” (Irish and Scottish origins)
Ruaidhri”Red” (Irish)
Rubeus”Red” (Latin)
Seraphim”Fiery” (Hebrew)
Sohrab”Red water” (Persian)
Sulien”Sun born” (Welsh)
Surya”Sun” (Sanskrit)
Vulcan”To flash” (Latin)
Wapasha”Red leaf” (Dakota)

Unisex red dragon names

Here are some gender-neutral name ideas, including their meanings:

Aeron”Battle, berry” (Welsh)
Cai”Rejoice” (Welsh and Latin origins)
Eirian”Bright” (Welsh)
Garnett”Red like a pomegranate” (French origin)
Kamala”Pale red” or ”lotus” in Sanskrit.
PhoenixAfter the famous fire-breathing bird.
Shani”Crimson” (Swahili)
List of red dragon names with a Chinese red dragon

Cool red dragon names

  • Blazeheart
  • Bloodscale
  • Crimsonscale
  • Emberclaw
  • Emberheart
  • Fireheart
  • Firestorm
  • Firewings
  • Flameburst
  • Pyre
  • Scarletfire
  • Scorch
  • Volcanorath

Cute names for red dragons

  • Blaze
  • Blushtail
  • Cherryflame
  • Dawnfire
  • Ember
  • Firetail
  • Flame
  • Rosewing
  • Ruby
  • Scarlet
  • Twilight

Chinese names for a red dragon

In Chinese culture, red is the most auspicious color. The red dragon is associated with good luck.

The Chinese red dragon is associated with the south and the summer season. It is also connected to the Sun and fire.

These Chinese names have fitting meanings for these magnificent creatures:

Female names

Chao-Ching”Morning star”
Xia-Mei”Red sky”
Xiao-Dan”Little dawn”

Male names

Hongbing”Red soldier”
Lixin”Glorious and beautiful sunrise”. A fitting name for a red dragon since the sunrise paints the sky in red.

Unisex names

Chen”Break of the day”
Qiu”Autumn”. This name fits red dragons because autumn leaves are red and orange.
Xia”Glow of sunrise”

Famous red dragon names

DragonA red female dragon in Shrek. Her name is not exactly imaginative.
MushuA Chinese red dragon in the Disney film Mulan.
Shou-LaoAn immortal Chinese red dragon in Iron Fist.
SmaugAn evil red dragon in The Hobbit.
ThornA red dragon in the Eldest fantasy novel.

Red dragon names DnD

Red dragons are the most vicious of all dragons in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

Red dragons are known for their fiery temper and insatiable lust for power, so a name that reflects these traits can add depth to your character. Consider names that evoke images of flames, such as Pyroclastor or Infernoscale, to emphasize the destructive nature of these majestic creatures.

There is no real difference between male and female red dragon names in Dungeons and Dragons.

Red dragon on white background

Female names

  • Banesight
  • Bigflight
  • Fithronith
  • Harmethrygeth
  • Larlexer
  • Mamardemo
  • Nemizomyx
  • Ogandis
  • Oldbeast
  • Preymind
  • Ragehunter
  • Rethrimentoth
  • Scethrekannon
  • Scirmathnith
  • Scorlgontrageth
  • Shythregoflyr
  • Silverspeaker
  • Syrarepinnos
  • The Blind
  • The Destroyer
  • The Grave
  • The Terrible
  • The Wrathful
  • The Wretched
  • Thedigekith
  • Vylvehnentro
  • Zerlgelothne
  • Zizannomoxo
  • Zodaundis
  • Zogoslex

Male names

  • Adesnemmod
  • Aumdrex
  • Aumelagetark
  • Binaurhra
  • Bleramork
  • Cloudwing
  • Hollowroar
  • Irernirerk
  • Kanadrac
  • Keentail
  • Klemallum
  • Moonclaws
  • Oherhidum
  • Podidrig
  • Rhyzos
  • Sedemenixaurk
  • Sharitros
  • Sophikkiag
  • Tcharaz
  • The Broken
  • The Last
  • The Lost
  • The Menace
  • The Powerful
  • The Rich
  • The Wicked
  • Urvemmo
  • Valakko
  • Vodaikk
  • Wildclaws

Unisex names

  • Bloodfire
  • Bloodscale
  • Crimsonwing
  • Emberclaw
  • Firebreath
  • Flamebreath
  • Flameheart
  • Infernoscale
  • Infernothorn
  • Pyroclastor
  • Rubyheart
  • Scorchwing
  • Terrorflight
  • The Corruptor
  • The Grand
  • The Massive
  • The Tyrant

Red dragon names WoW

In World of Warcraft, red dragons are fire-breathing creatures. Their fire breath can both destroy and create life. Alexstrasza the Life-Binder is the leader of these magnificent beings.

Most male red dragon names in WoW end with -strasz, while female names end with -straza. You can make up your own names by combining other words with these suffixes.

Red dragon flying on white background

Female names

  • Canastrasza
  • Ceahinstrasza
  • Corestrasza
  • Crimsonstrasza
  • Ealanstrasza
  • Eanacstrasza
  • Emberstrasza
  • Gienestrasza
  • Gytraxstrasza
  • Iehastrasza
  • Katristrasza
  • Keamastrasza
  • Keanikstrasza
  • Konekstrasza
  • Nevexstrasza
  • Notracstrasza
  • Reamestrasza
  • Rhiemikstrasza
  • Salenstrasza
  • Sauvexstrasza
  • Scarletstrasza
  • Tahestrasza
  • Thierecstrasza
  • Thietrelstrasza
  • Tolastrasza
  • Vetrakstrasza
  • Vieranstrasza
  • Yrastrasza
  • Ytrastrasza
  • Ytristrasza
  • Zetrekstrasza
  • Zylexstrasza
  • Zylistrasza

Male names

  • Adrostrasz
  • Amastrasz
  • Amiostrasz
  • Argistrasz
  • Bofredastrasz
  • Bostrasz
  • Cedosanz
  • Corrodasanz
  • Dostrasz
  • Firestrasz
  • Flamestrasz
  • Garnetstrasz
  • Harasz
  • Helistrasz
  • Hovredstrasz
  • Karshakorasz
  • Kondrostrasz
  • Mastrestrasz
  • Merasz
  • Mestrasz
  • Naerdristrasz
  • Nestristrasz
  • Nolikostrasz
  • Nostrasz
  • Pyrestrasz
  • Rostrasz
  • Ryvrakistrasz
  • Samorostrasz
  • Sorriodasanz
  • Toliosanz
  • Ucranastrasz
  • Ulgosanz
  • Zostrasz

Red dragons in Welsh mythology

The most prominent feature of the Welsh flag is the red dragon. And indeed, red dragons play a significant role in Welsh mythology.

The Welsh red dragon is called Y Ddraig Goch, and it has become the symbol of Wales.

The legend of the red dragon is found in Historia Regum Britanniae. In the story, the Celtic king Vortigern wanted to build a castle in Dinas Emrys. However, the foundations of the castle kept falling.

A young boy (often interpreted as young Merlin) told Vortigern there was an underground lake below the castle site. Two dragons were asleep in the lake; one was red and one was white.

Vortigern’s men dug the ground and found the lake and the dragons. The dragons woke from their sleep and started a fight.

The white dragon seemed dominant most of the battle. But eventually, the red dragon won.

It is said that the red dragon symbolizes the native Britons. The white dragon represented the Anglo-Saxons.

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