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Do you need the perfect name for your half-elf character?

Explore our collection of 267+ best half elf names! From magical and mysterious to epic and wild, these names have been carefully chosen to bring out the unique elements of any half-elf character.

Whether you’re playing a tabletop adventure or writing a fantasy novel, these monikers will add a special touch to your story.

Half-elves in fantasy and mythology

A union between an elf and a human creates offspring possessing both elven and human traits; a half-elf.

The origin of half-elves is in Norse mythology. Half-elves were described as having exceptional beauty and intelligence, and they possessed some magical powers.

However, they also faced challenges due to their mixed heritage, often feeling like they didn’t fully belong in either world.

Famous half-elves in The Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth saga introduced many half-elven characters. As half-elves, they had the option to choose mortality or immortality.

Eärendil the Mariner chose to join the Elves for his wife Elwing.

Elrond was the son of the half-elves Eärendil and Elwing. He appeared in The HobbitThe Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion.

Elrond married the Elf Celebrían and chose immortality.

Elf wearing a green dress in the woods

Arwen Undómiel is arguably the most well-known half-elf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. She chose to abandon her elf immortality to marry Aragorn.

Their love story highlights how half-elves can bridge gaps between different races and cultures within Middle-earth.

Arwen was the daughter of the half-elf Elrond and the Elf Celebrían. So technically, Arwen was 3/4 Elf.

Female half-elf names

These are the most beautiful name ideas for female half-elves.

The list includes top picks inspired by nature and mythology, and even some names that mean “elf”.

Adelia”Noble” (German)
Ailsa”Elf victory” (Scottish)
Albrun”Elf magic” (Germanic)
Alfdís”Goddess” (Old Norse)
Alfreda”Elf power” (English)
Alfsol”Elf sun” (Icelandic)
Alvilde”Elf battle” (Norwegian)
Alvina”Elf-friend” (English)
Arlyn”Pledge” (Gaelic)
Arwen”Noble maiden” (Welsh)
Avalon”Island of apples” (Celtic)
Ayla”Oak tree” (Hebrew)
Derowen”Oak tree” (Cornish)
Elanor”Sun star” (Sindarin)
Elfrida”Elf power” (English)
Elora”God’s light” (Greek)
Elowen”Elm” (Cornish)
Elva”Leader of the elves” (Irish)
Elvina”Elf-friend” (English)
Elwing”Star spray” (Sindarin)
Embla”Elm” (Norse)
Enya”Fire” (Irish)
Evora”Yew tree” (Portuguese)
Fay”Fairy” (French origin)
Galatea”White as milk” (Greek)
Helya”Sun” (Greek)
Hertha”Earth” (Old English)
Keziah”Cassia tree” (Hebrew)
Nelda”One who lives near the alder tree” (English)
Orisa”Angelic manifestation” (Yoruba)
Saga”Story” (Swedish)
SkuldMeans “debt” in Old Norse. A half-elf in Norse mythology.
Sylvana”From the forest” (Latin)
Xilona”Forest dweller” (Greek)
Zelda”Gray fighting maid” (German origin)

Half-elf male names

Half-elf male names - A male elf wearing a wreath in a forest

This list includes the best half elf male names. They’re inspired by famous half-elves, names that mean ”elf”, and other cool monikers.

Aelfric”Elf power” (Anglo-Saxon)
Alberich”Elf power” (German)
Albus”White, bright” (German)
Alf”Elf counsel” (Old Norse)
Alfred”Elf counsel” (English)
Algar”Elf spear” (Old English)
Alston”Elf stone” (Old English)
Aluin”Friend of the elves” (English)
Alvar“Elf warrior” (German origin)
Alvin”Friend of the elves” (American)
Arion”Moon creature on high” (Greek)
Cullen”Holly tree” (Irish)
Darwyn”Dear friend” (Old English)
Dearborn”Brook of the deer” (Old English)
Eirwyn”White as snow” (Welsh)
Elden”Noble friend” (English)
Elmore”Moor with elm trees” (English)
Elrond”Star dome” (Sindarin)
Elvern”Elf” (Old English)
Elvin”Elf-friend” (English)
Elwyn”Elf-friend” (Welsh)
Eoghan”Born of the yew tree” (Irish)
Eoin”God is gracious” (Irish)
Erwin”Respected friend ”(German)
Gandalf”Wand elf” (Norse). This name is famous after the wizard in The Lord of the Rings.
Gwydion”Born of trees” (Welsh)
Helios”Sun” (Greek)
HögniA half-elf in Norse mythology. The son of a human queen and an elf.
Noralf”Elf from the North” (Norwegian)
Oillill”Elf” (Irish)
Oren”Pine tree” (Hebrew)
OrionA half-elf in Lord Dunsany’s 1924 novel The King of Elfland’s Daughter.
Sylvan”Of the forest” (Latin)
Udell”Yew-tree valley” (English)

Unisex half elf names

These gender neutral half elf names fit any gender identity:

Alary”Elf ruler” (German origin)
Alwyn”Elf-friend (Welsh)
Arya”Noble” (Sanskrit)
Aubrey”Elf ruler” (French and English origins)
Avery”Ruler of the elves” (English)
Basil”Royal” (Greek)
Darragh”Oak tree” (Irish)
Elan”Tree” (Hebrew)
Fionn”Fair, white” (Irish)
GriffinA unisex name that means ”strong lord” (Latin). Griffin is also a mythical creature with the wings and head of an eagle and the body of a lion.
Juniper”Young” (Latin). Inspired by the juniper tree.
Merlin”Sea fortress” (Welsh)
Nairne”River with alder trees” (Scottish)
Peregrine”Traveler” (Latin)
River”Stream of water” (English)
SpruceThe name of a tree.
Tristan”Sorrowful” (Celtic)
Willow”Willow tree” (English)
Wyn”Fair, blessed” (Welsh)
Zoe”Life” (Greek)

Dungeons and Dragons half elf names

Half elf names DnD - A blonde elf in the woods

These names fit the half-elves in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

DnD half-elf names may sound more unusual than ”regular” half-elf names. You can still use these monikers for any half-elf character; it doesn’t need to be just for DnD.

DnD half elf names female

  • Arhana
  • Arlynn
  • Brendiane
  • Brennys
  • Bynstine
  • Darrila
  • Delaerys
  • Fhagalyn
  • Fhagwynn
  • Fhaxaris
  • Hoona
  • Iroseris
  • Jentihne
  • Maqarin
  • Neribwynn
  • Neriona
  • Neriqwyn
  • Ollynn
  • Olrila
  • Phayetheris
  • Quedove
  • Quexipha
  • Sylfaen
  • Venzenya
  • Vylbwynn
  • Wolqwyn
  • Yesviel
  • Yllyaries
  • Zelmalis
  • Zelqarin

DnD half-elf names male

  • Aroqarim
  • Arotumil
  • Belelor
  • Corfyr
  • Corros
  • Craqarim
  • Cravoril
  • Dorzaren
  • Eirborin
  • Gaerenas
  • Grazaren
  • Halhorn
  • Halreak
  • Horzaphir
  • Ianhomin
  • Ilodithas
  • Jammorn
  • Kevvalor
  • Kevvoril
  • Meikas
  • Petcoril
  • Quovalor
  • Raforin
  • Rafvalor
  • Rilanann
  • Sarzaren
  • Tralanann
  • Vicdithas
  • Xavben
  • Xavlumin

Pathfinder half elf names

These names are designed for the half-elves in Pathfinder.

Pathfinder half-elf names sound guttural and harsh compared to other monikers for these mythical creatures.

A dark-haired elf with in the woods

Pathfinder half-elf names female

  • Ca Joth
  • Chulya Klenshiontraa
  • Curya Sluys
  • Donoda Kergow
  • Dulvayo Fintrexterks
  • Ellye Tirai
  • Jaurrune Hinrulyis
  • Jess Tolyikor
  • Kagmepru Grigniggart
  • Kre Grovroxhu
  • Laerramyo Pionn
  • Li Tadrilinn
  • Omya Slirks
  • Orlaucrih Geshumin
  • Ouyo Julgo
  • Shah Nim
  • Shastrarrun Prerks
  • Shomriemo Frol
  • Thaeh Freanshasaarks
  • Thana Eirand
  • Thin Graweldrus
  • Tisundil Klondeagneinn
  • Torelyi Neimerks
  • Vaeltruss Grariknart
  • Vhalliasyi Zuse
  • Vhervu Koys
  • Vro Clul
  • Zheswoltras Yeshuhith
  • Ziltraen Drukronam
  • Zri Nuvretea

Pathfinder half-elf male names

  • Bonn Fendrithirt
  • Engro Lonuthea
  • Garis Bezmaji
  • Giac Feeldusul
  • Heduen Kidind
  • Hetar Usdruyund
  • Hudu Diwando
  • Kenuthu Palmru
  • Kheh Pelira
  • Khircer Friys
  • Khomriglunn Fleth
  • Kroh Gurks
  • Laer Krodugnoht
  • Melvelvin Fravu
  • Muslilggal Skerks
  • Nolge Yam
  • Nuil Daart
  • Pulramur Linuraht
  • Qingresral Kungrizmarks
  • Qossic Futhevurt
  • Rerregak Slur
  • Rus Esgrusa
  • Sulgialbril Bonnilow
  • Surthal Tonaheer
  • Uselrunn Menran
  • Vres Slirks
  • Vrinan Sellas
  • Zerliac Bairks
  • Zodwuh Kroti
  • Zres Yutigways

Half-elf druid names

Half elf druid names - An elf in the woods with light shining around her head

Druid-inspired names fit half-elves perfectly! Here are some of the best options:

AoifeAn Irish female name that means ”beauty”.
DiarmuidAn Irish male name meaning ”free from envy”.
Dryad”Oak tree” (Greek). In Greek mythology, a dryad is a nature spirit who lives in trees.
EmrysA Welsh boy’s name that means ”immortal”. This is a fitting name for a half-elf because half-elves in Tolkien’s mythology could choose immortality.
ErwanInspired by the French druid poet Erwan Berthou.
KianAn Irish boy’s name that means ”ancient”.
Lorcan”Fierce” (Irish). This is a male name.
MerlinAfter the legendary wizard.
MordredA male name that means ”brave” (Latin origin).
MorganaA Welsh girl’s name that means ”sea circle”.
Oriana”Dawn” (A female name of Latin origin).
WynnaA Welsh female name meaning ”fair” or ”blessed”.

Funny half elf names

Naming a half-elf is an opportunity to have fun and let loose.

Think of some cliches associated with elves, such as wandering in the woods looking ethereal. You’ll find inspiration for some hilarious monikers!

  • Alvin Bravepants
  • Arwen Hobbithelper
  • Arya Elfpower
  • Avalar Elfsmile
  • Avery Masterarcher
  • Basil Wildberry
  • Conan Crossbow
  • Darragh Dreamsinger
  • Elden Epicquest
  • Elora Elfdancer
  • Fay Fairystalker
  • Gandalf Singlesong
  • Legolas Longlocks
  • Merlin Magicmaker
  • Oliver Scared-of-Orcs
  • Oscar Oakdweller
  • Peregrine Pinetrapper
  • Spruce Happyshadow
  • Sylvan Silversurge
  • Tristan Orctricker

Half-elf last names

A red-haired elf with candles

Half elf last names are fun to create. You can make up your own ideas by combining nature and other words.

For example, combine the words ”forest” and ”quest”, and you’ll get Forestquest. Think of words associated with half-elves, such as those related to travel.

  • Bravesoul
  • Dragonstone
  • Earthquest
  • Elmguard
  • Featherfinder
  • Flowerlake
  • Forestdweller
  • Forestquest
  • Glorywoods
  • Graybow
  • Grayriver
  • Greenspirit
  • Hillfollower
  • Mirthwoods
  • Noblespirit
  • Pathseeker
  • Peacewoods
  • Questseeker
  • Ravenheart
  • Shadowrunner
  • Stormdreamer
  • Strongsun
  • Sunray
  • Swiftgrove
  • Winterdreamer
  • Woodenrock

Half elf name generator

The beauty of our half-elf name generator is that you’ll get a moniker that matches your character’s personality, not just any old name.

Also, taking the quiz makes you think about your character from a new perspective. That’s because the questions in the quiz are designed so that you need to consider how your half-elf would behave in different situations.

You only need to answer seven questions about your half-elf character, and you’ll get a name idea immediately.

Half Elf Name Generator

Need a name for a half-elf character? Take the quiz to generate a name that matches your half-elf's character and personality.

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