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Do you need a name for a giant character in your fantasy novel?

Or perhaps you’re looking for name ideas for a large pet, such as a Great Dane?

Today, we’re listing 167+ of the best giant names. Get inspired with some BIG name ideas!

Giants in mythology

In folklore, giants are gigantic creatures that resemble humans. However, their size is much larger than the human body.

In many fairy tales, giants are described as dumb and monstrous. Some stories portray giants as bright and friendly.

Giant names in the Bible

AnakimA race of giants in the Bible.
GoliathA giant in the Old Testament. David defeated Goliath in combat.

Giants in Greek mythology

These are the most famous male giants in Greek mythology. For Greek female giants, see our list of giantess names.

AthosOne of the Gigantes in Greek mythology.
AtlasOne of the Titans in Greek mythology.
OceanusA Titan.
PolyphemusOne of the Cyclopes in Greek mythology.
PrometheusA Titan.

Giant names in Norse mythology

Here’s a list of some well-known Norse male giants. For female giants in Norse mythology, see the list of names for female giants.

AegirA jötunn in Norse mythology.
HrungirA jötunn.
HymirA jötunn.
LokiA god in Norse mythology.
YmirThe ancestor of the jötunn in Norse mythology.

Half-giant names

Half-giants are mythical creatures that have one giant parent and one human parent.

JadisThe White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia. She is half Jinn and half a giant.
Olympe MaximeA French headmistress in the Harry Potter novel series.
Rubeus HagridA character in the Harry Potter novel series.

The names of the giants in the BFG (The Big Friendly Giant)

The Giants are the bad guys in Roald Dahl’s children’s book The BFG (1982). There is also a Disney movie based on the novel.

Unlike the gentle Big Friendly Giant, the nine Giants are nasty and carnivorous.

  • The Bloodbottler
  • The Bonecruncher
  • The Butcher Boy
  • The Childchewer
  • The Fleshlumpeater
  • The Gizzard Gulper
  • The Maid Masher
  • The Manhugger
  • The Meatdripper

Female giant names

Female giant names pin
AngrbodaA female jötunn in Norse mythology. The mother of Loki.
AudumlaA giant cow in Norse mythology.
BestlaA jötunn and the mother of Odin in Norse mythology.
ElliA giantess in Norse mythology.
FridwulfaA giantess mentioned in the Harry Potter series. The mother of Rubeus Hagrid.
GaiaThe Greek goddess of the Earth.
GjalpA giantess in Norse mythology.
GreipA giantess in Norse mythology.
HyndlaA name of a female giant in Norse mythology.
JarnsaxaA female jötunn (giant) in Norse mythology.
MaximeMeans “the greatest” in French.
PhoebeA Titan and a daughter of Gaia in Greek mythology.
RindA goddess and a frozen giant in Norse mythology.
SkadiA jötunn and goddess of skiing and winter in Norse mythology.
TitaniaA Greek baby girl name that means “giant” or “great one”.

Frost giant names

These monikers are inspired by the frost giants of the World of Warcraft (WoW) universe.

Frost giant names - A giant in a snowy landscape by full moon
  • Baldovuf
  • Camarlind
  • Cinlund
  • Hegnurgarn
  • Hekug
  • Hilvarn
  • Hranlavir
  • Larngrold
  • Lenfjabjaff
  • Lerrag
  • Linloff
  • Loldudir
  • Njignvanaff
  • Radorgirn
  • Rekkorn
  • Sengvuff
  • Sinfjuld
  • Sirald
  • Sirmon
  • Sirnvurgaf
  • Snogvond
  • Tharrohem
  • Thellvondeff
  • Thellvun
  • Thirsuf
  • Thrognvan
  • Tolvam
  • Tondvof
  • Tonfjur
  • Vagnanuff

D&D giant names

These monikers fit the giants in Dungeon and Dragons. Whether you want to name frost giants, fire giants, or storm giants, you’ll find great options from the lists below.

  • Fire giants in DnD are known for their dark skin and red hair. They live close to volcanoes, mountains, and lava lakes.
  • The storm giants can cast spells and breathe both air and water.
  • The frost giants have pale and light blue hair and beards.

Male DnD giant names

  • Altar
  • Aram
  • Araus
  • Auras
  • Elmos
  • Garam
  • Gegnarn
  • Grulmandur
  • Halandert
  • Kaurdus
  • Kemnar
  • Kolartaj
  • Moztem
  • Ogrentort
  • Ozan
  • Oztar
  • Ozton
  • Runtem
  • Saurten
  • Sornom
  • Surnum
  • Thakssurn
  • Thalzaurn
  • Theltej
  • Thollontun
  • Thrertos
  • Thuzdom
  • Trelzandam
  • Ulzart
  • Vaardun
  • Velmum
  • Velnort
  • Ventort
  • Vezrun
  • Vygnaeus
  • Zanzur
  • Zardar
  • Zrekssur
  • Zrelnus
  • Zreltur

Female DnD giant names

  • Ami
  • Divilerd
  • Homna
  • Igril
  • Imre
  • Istril
  • Ithroni
  • Laamroran
  • Landad
  • Lathen
  • Mallal
  • Mandra
  • Mazri
  • Nita
  • Olde
  • Onma
  • Ovrild
  • Raativa
  • Ramned
  • Sillale
  • Sini
  • Solren
  • Thaazhad
  • Thiazhazin
  • Thillen
  • Thimneze
  • Thinna
  • Thisran
  • Thistri
  • Thovri
  • Vazri
  • Vimrad
  • Volli
  • Vostre
  • Zime
  • Zondrin
  • Zozhil

The best giant names that mean BIG

Are you looking for the perfect name for a big pet? Perhaps you own a large dog, such as a Great Dane?

A girl hugging a massive Great Dane dog outdoors

A large animal needs a BIG name! These are the best names for a horse or a large dog.

These are your best options if you’re looking for a name that means big.

Some of the names are also fun baby name ideas for a child with a big personality.

AlaskaThe name of the largest U.S. state.
EverestThe name of the highest mountain on Earth.
Grant“Tall, big.”
Jumbo“Extra large”; also the name of Dumbo’s mother in the Disney film Dumbo.
JupiterThe most giant planet in our solar system.
Kentaro“Sharp, big boy” in Japanese.
MarmadukeThe name of a Great Dane character in the 2010 film Marmaduke.
Maxime“Greatest.” Madame Maxime is also a character in the Harry Potter series.
Maximus“Greatest”; also a character in the 2000 film Gladiator.
Montaro“Big boy” in Japanese.
Rex“King”; also sounds big because it reminds me of the T-Rex.
TitanTitans were mighty giants in Greek mythology.

Famous giant names

BlunderboreA giant in Cornish and English folklore.
GrawpA giant in the Harry Potter series. A half-brother of Rubeus Hagrid.
GogmagogA giant in Welsh and English mythology.
JentilA race of giants in Basque mythology.
OniAn evil giant in Japanese folklore.
Paul BunyanA giant lumberjack in American and Canadian folklore.

Giant name generator

Our giant name generator is a fun and effortless tool.

You only need to take a quick quiz and answer six easy questions. Then, the generator will give you the perfect giant name based on your answers.

Give it a try! If you don’t like the name you get, you can try answering the questions differently to generate another option.

Giant Name Generator

Do you need a name for a large pet or a giant character? Take the quiz to generate a giant name that matches the giant's personality and appearance.

Which name is your favorite?

Which name did you like the most?

Do you know any other good giant names? Feel free to share them in the comments.

You can also make up your own giant name. Mythology, books, and movies are good sources of inspiration.

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