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Mermaids have been a staple of mythology and folklore for centuries, but what about their male counterparts? Mermen have just as much of a presence in mythology, albeit often less discussed.

We’re introducing 50+ of the best merman names, including their meanings.

Choosing a merman name

Choosing a name for your merman can be a daunting task. With so many possibilities, how do you choose the perfect one?

Here are some tips to help you find the best name for your son or merman character:

First, consider what you want your merman’s name to say about him. Is he brave and adventurous? Or perhaps he’s more gentle and peaceful. Once you know what kind of personality you want your merman to have, start looking for names that reflect that.

Next, think about what sounds good when said out loud. You’ll be saying your merman’s name a lot, so it’s important that it sounds pleasant to the ear. Avoid names that are difficult to pronounce or overly long.

Finally, take into account the meaning of the name. Think about your merman’s personality and if the name fits that. It may not fit perfectly, but it will help you find a name you can use for years to come!

A merman king standing on a beach

Bonus: Here are some additional tips for naming your character!

  1. Think about the merman’s abilities or the things they do well. If they are good at swimming, you might name them “Swimmer”.
  2. Consider their age. Think about the age of your character and whether the name is age-appropriate.
  3. Be creative! There are no rules when it comes to naming your character. You can be as creative as you want!

Merman names for boys

Are you looking for a boy’s name with sea vibes?

There are many names for boys that have a mermaid feel to them. These names are beautiful and unique options.

Adrian“Son of Adria” (Latin)
Bardo“Water” (German, Tibetan, or Aboriginal)
Beck“Small stream” (English origin)
Beckham“Homestead by the stream” (English origin)
BlueThe color blue is associated with water and the sea.
Bourne“One who lives near a stream” (English origin)
Brodny“One who lives near a stream” (Slavic origin)
Brooks“Of the brook” (English)
Calder“Rough waters” (Scottish)
Carlow“Four-part lake” (Irish)
Cary“Pleasant stream” (Latin origin)
CaspianThis name is associated with the Caspian sea. There is a character called Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia.
Cove“Small bay” (English origin)
Deniz“Sea” (Turkish)
Dover“The waters” (Celtic origin)
Douglas“Dark water” (Scottish)
Dylon“Son of the sea” (Welsh origin)
A merman stranded on a beach
Eaton“Riverside” (English origin)
Fisher“Fisherman” (English)
Ford“Dweller at the ford” (English origin)
Holmes“From the island in the river” (English)
Hurley“Sea tide” (Irish)
IndigoA gender-neutral name inspired by the purple-blue color.
Irving“Green river” or “sea friend.” (Scottish origin)
Jordan“To flow down.” (Hebrew) Inspired by the Jordan River in Israel.
Kai“Sea” (Hawaiian origin)
Kano“God of the waters” (Japanese and African origin)
Kelvin“Narrow or wooded river” (Scottish)
Kendall“Valley of the river Kent” (English)
Lincoln“Town by the pool” (English origin)
Loch“Lake” (Scottish Gaelic origin)
Lynn“Lake” (Welsh)
Marin“Of the sea” (Latin)
Marinus“Of the sea” (Latin)
MobyInspired by Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick.
Morgan“Sea-circle” (Welsh)
Nori“Seaweed” (Japanese)
Ocean“Sea” (Greek)
Rio“River” (Spanish)
Ronan“Little seal” (Irish origin)
Strom“Stream” (German origin)
Thames“The dark one.” Inspired by the River Thames in England.
Trent“The flooder” (English origin)

Merman names in mythology

Merman names in mythology - Poseidon underwater

Each culture has its own story and description of mermen. They are typically described as having the body of a man from the waist up, and the tail of a fish from the waist down. 

Some believe mermen are benevolent creatures, while others believe they are dangerous and should be avoided. 

Here is a list of some of the most famous merman names in mythology:

AhtiGod of the water in Finnish mythology.
Earendil“Lover of the sea” in the Quenya language invented by Tolkien.
NeptuneGod of the sea in Roman mythology.
OceanusA Titan in Greek mythology. A personification of water.
PoseidonGod of the sea in Greek mythology.
TritonA merman from Greek mythology who is often associated with the ocean. He is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite and is often depicted with a fishtail and carrying a conch shell.

What is your favorite merman name?

Like their female counterparts, mermen come with their own set of unique names. I hope you have found some options you like.

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