Fairy name generator - A fairy with white wings

Have you ever wondered what your fairy name is? Our fairy name generator will help!

Who doesn’t dream of being a fairy sometimes? If you want to be a fairy, you also need a fairy name.

Coming up with good fairy names is not easy, though. Even if you find options you like, how to choose just one?

Our fairy name generator is just what you need to choose the perfect fairy name. Answer 7 easy questions, and you will get a personal pixie name. Take our quiz to find a fairy name that matches your personality!

How to use the fairy name generator

You only need to answer seven simple questions, and you’ll get a magical fairy name based on your answers. Don’t overthink, but rather choose the option that feels intuitively right.

If you want a fairy name for yourself, answer based on your personality.

Fairy and a frog

However, if you want a name for a fictional character, think of how the questions would apply to them.

What is your fairy name?

Have you ever wondered, if you were a fairy, what would be your name? Find out now!

What is your fairy name?

So, what was your quiz result? What is your fairy name?

I’d love to hear your results, so please share your fairy name in the comment section below.

Do you still need more ideas? Read our article on the best fairy names.

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