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Ah, leprechauns! The charming Irish fairy-like creatures love to play tricks and hide their pots of gold. As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, why not embrace our mythical friends by giving them a memorable name?

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the 93 best leprechaun names of Irish origin. Whether you are looking for an old classic or a modern twist, this list has something for everyone!

Leprechauns are small, bearded, elf-like creatures in Irish folklore. They usually wear green clothes and buckled shoes.

Leprechauns are known for their ability to grant wishes if caught. They’re mischievous and hide a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Leprechauns have become an iconic symbol of Ireland. We view these mythical creatures as a source of fun and good luck. And hopefully, these leprechaun names will make you feel like a lucky little leprechaun!

Boy leprechaun names

Since leprechauns are usually depicted as male, it’s easy to find leprechaun names for boys.

From timeless classics like Seamus and Patrick to more modern picks like Rohan and Aiden, our list has something for everyone.

Aiden“Little fiery one” (Irish)
Brian“Noble” (Gaelic origin)
Conan“Little wolf” (Celtic)
Felix”Happy, fortunate” (Latin)
Finn“Fair” (Irish)
LiamAn Irish male name that means “protector”.
Lorcan“Little fierce one” (Irish)
O’Reilly”Son of the courageous one” (Irish)
PatrickSt. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th.
RohanAn Irish baby boy’s name that means “red-haired”. This is the perfect pick for a red-headed leprechaun!
Seamus“Supplanter” (Irish origin)

Girl leprechaun names

Leprechaun lady wearing a green hat smiling

While most leprechauns are males, leprechaun names aren’t just for boys!

These female leprechaun names will bring you luck just as much as their male equivalents.

Brigid“Exalted one” (Irish origin)
Cara“Friend” (Latin origin). This is a fitting name since a leprechaun can be a friend who brings you luck and wealth.
EmeraldMeans ”green gemstone”. This is a fitting name for a leprechaun because Ireland is called the Emerald Isle.
ErinAn Irish girl’s name that means “Ireland”. What would be more appropriate for a leprechaun?
Fiona“White” (Irish and Scottish origin)
Fortuna”Good fate” (Latin). What would be a more fitting name for these lucky mythical creatures?
Laoise“Light” (Irish)
MollyAn Irish female name that means “of the sea” or “bitter”.
MorriganAn Irish girl’s name. It means ”phantom queen”.
Nessa“Pure, holy” (Scottish origin)
ShaleighA cute Irish girl’s name that means ”fairy princess of the field”.
Shannon“Old and wise” (Irish)
Shauna“God is gracious” (Gaelic)

Leprechaun names for kids

Leprechaun names for kids with a boy wearing green clothes holding the flag of Ireland

Finding the perfect leprechaun name for your little one can be challenging. After all, it’s not every day you get to give someone such an iconic name!

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, unique, or downright hilarious – this is the place to be. Make sure your little one stands out from the rest of their pals in all their four-leaf clover glory.

We guarantee these names will bring a smile to any child’s face!

  • Cara Clover
  • Charmy Amulet
  • Fiona Four-Leaf
  • Gilroy Green
  • Ginger McGiggles
  • Lorcan Lucky
  • Magic Molly
  • Patrick O’Gold
  • Rainbow Ryan
  • Sean Leprechaun
  • Shamus Shamrock
  • Tristan Tricky
  • Tully Twinkletoes

Cute leprechaun names

  • Charm
  • Clover
  • Goblin
  • Jammy
  • Leaf
  • Lucky
  • Paddy
  • Penny
  • Pixie
  • Rainbow
  • Tricky

Funny leprechaun names

Funny leprechaun character in St. Patrick's Day parade

Are you looking for some funny monikers for St. Patrick’s Day? These silly leprechaun name ideas might give you some inspiration:

  • Conan Hidegold
  • Cupid O’Charm
  • Finn Find-Gold
  • Goldie Guinness
  • Hogan Hidepot
  • Liam Luckycharm
  • Lucky MacCharm
  • Molly Makewish
  • Murphy Moneybag
  • Paddy Pint
  • Patrick Pot O’ Gold
  • Rocky Shamrock
  • Token Talisman

Famous leprechaun names

These are some famous leprechaun characters from movies, video games, and sports teams:

HornswoggleA professional wrestler with a leprechaun gimmick.
Lubdan the LeprechaunAn evil and murderous leprechaun in the Leprechaun horror comedy film series.
Lucky the LeprechaunThe Boston Celtics mascot.
Notre Dame LeprechaunThe mascot of the Fighting Irish sports team at the University of Notre Dame.
O’Pat and O’MikeLeprechauns in Looney Tunes.
O’Reilly the LeprechaunRalph Wiggum’s imaginary friend in The Simpsons.
Shamus the LeprechaunA leprechaun character in the 1991 Sega game Fantastic Dizzy. Shamus tends to get in the way and won’t help Dizzy unless he gets something in return.

Cool leprechaun names

A leprechaun figurine with coins and green pearls holding a sign with the text LUCK

Here are some cool name ideas that fit both male and female leprechauns:

EireIreland in Irish.
FaradayA gender-neutral Irish name that means ”wood man”.
FinneganAn Irish unisex name. It means ”fair”.
FortuneA fitting name for leprechauns since they’re known to collect gold and bring good luck.
GuinnessAn Irish last name. Guinness is also a famous Irish dry stout.
Midori”Green” in Japanese. This is a fitting name for a leprechaun that wears green clothes.
Murphy”Sea warrior” (Irish)
QuinnThis Irish unisex name means ”wise”.
ShamrockShamrock is the symbol of Ireland. What could be a better name for a lucky little leprechaun?
Sláinte”Cheers” in Irish.
TristanThis Celtic unisex name fits both boy and girl leprechauns.

Evil leprechaun names

While we mostly think of leprechauns as benevolent creatures, they often play tricks on us. They can be greedy and deceiving. And how about the murderous leprechaun Lubdan in the Leprechaun horror film series?

Here are some fitting monikers for your evil leprechaun character!

  • Erin O’Evil
  • Gilroy Dark-Green
  • Grabby Goldbag
  • Harlequin O’Hara
  • Kieran O’Killer
  • Lucifer Luckycharm
  • Molly McMurder
  • Murphy Murderplan
  • Nasty O’Neill
  • Paddy Pickpocket
  • Poison Goldpot
  • Shamus Goldstealer
  • Teagan Temptation

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