Half elf name generator - An elf wearing a wreath

The quest to find the perfect name for your half-elf character has just become a whole lot easier!

For all aspiring authors, game developers, and Dungeons & Dragons players, our half elf name generator is here to help you find a unique and memorable moniker.

How to use the half elf name generator

You only need to answer seven questions about your half-elf character, and you’ll get a name idea immediately.

The beauty of this name generator is that you’ll get a moniker that matches your character’s personality, not just any old name.

Also, taking the quiz makes you think about your character from a new perspective. That’s because the questions in the quiz are designed so that you need to consider how your half-elf would behave in different situations.

Elf in the woods holding a glass globe

However, don’t overthink your answers, but rather choose the option that feels intuitively right.

Half Elf Name Generator

Need a name for a half-elf character? Take the quiz to generate a name that matches your half-elf's character and personality.

Please share your half-elf’s name!

How was the half elf names generator?

Please share your half-elf’s name in the comments below!

If you didn’t like the name you got, please retake the quiz and answer the questions differently to get a new one.

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