Centaur names - A female centaur in a fantasy landscape

Are you looking for the perfect name for your new centaur character? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 140+ of the best centaur names.

Whether you want something traditional or unique, there’s bound to be a name on this list that’s perfect for your fictional character. So saddle up and get ready to find the best name for your new four-legged friend!

Centaurs in mythology 

There are few creatures in mythology as feared and revered as the centaur. These beasts are half-man and half-horse. The upper body of a centaur is of a human, while the lower body and legs are of a horse. Sometimes they are called with the term hippocentaur.

Centaurs were known as wild and savage creatures. If they drank wine, they got even more out of control. Most centaurs in mythology and popular culture are male. However, some female centaurs, or centaurides, are mentioned.

Centaurs are not only creatures of the past. From The Chronicles of Narnia to Harry Potter, centaurs are integral in modern fantasy literature.

Female centaur names

Female centaurs, or centauresses, are not mentioned in early Greek mythology. However, they appeared in later Antique. These are some great names for female centaurs, some of which are inspired by ancient myths.

AndromedaA constellation, a galaxy, and the daughter of Cassiopeia in Greek mythology.
ArtemisThe goddess of hunting and wild animals.
AthenaThe goddess of war and wisdom in Greek myths.
CassiopeiaA constellation and the mother of Andromeda.
DoraA female centaur in the Sega game Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder.
Eachna“Horse” (Irish)
Eowyn“Horse joy” (English origin)
FilipinaMeans “lover of horses” in Greek.
HesperiaEvening star” (Greek)
Hippolyta“Horse let loose” in Greek. This is such a joyful name for a female centaur!
HylonomeA female centaur in Greek mythology.
Philippa“Lover of horses” in Greek.
Xanthippe“Yellow horse” (Greek)
Xena“Hospitable” (Greek)

Male centaur names

Male centaur names - A male centaur in a fantasy landscape
ArtemisA gender-neutral name inspired by Greek myths.
BastianA Greek male name that means “man of Sebastia”.
DionysusThe god of winemaking in Greek mythology. Since centaurs can’t handle wine well, Dionysus is a funny moniker for a centaur.
Hesperos“Evening star” (Greek)
Hippocrates“Horse power” (Greek)
Hippolytus“Horse let loose” (Greek)
OrionA hunter in Greek mythology. Orion is also a constellation.
Philippos“Lover of horses” (Greek)
XanthipposMeans “yellow horse” in Greek.
ZeusThe god of the sky in Greek mythology.

Centaur names in Greek mythology 

While centaurs are often portrayed as savages, some famous centaurs from mythology are quite different.

Female centaur in a desert

The most famous centaur in Greek mythology is Chiron. He was a foster son of Apollo and was skilled in medicine. Unlike most centaurs, Chiron was friendly and civilized.

Nessus is another well-known centaur. He got killed by Heracles. Pholus, on the other hand, was a friend of Heracles. He was a wise centaur.

These are the names of centaurs in Greek mythology:

  • Abas
  • Agrius
  • Amphion
  • Amycus
  • Anchius
  • Antimachus
  • Aphareus
  • Aphidas
  • Arctus
  • Areos
  • Argius
  • Asbolus
  • Bienor
  • Bromus
  • Chiron
  • Chromis
  • Chthonius
  • Clanis
  • Crenaeus
  • Cyllarus
  • Daphnis
  • Demoleon
  • Dictys
  • Dorylas
  • Doupon
  • Dryalus
  • Echeclus
  • Elatus
  • Elymus
  • Eurynomus
  • Eurytion
  • Eurytus
  • Gryneus
  • Helops
  • Hippasus
  • Hippotion
  • Hodites
  • Homadus
  • Hylaeus
  • Hyles
  • Hylonome
  • Imbreus
  • Iphinous
  • Isoples
  • Latreus
  • Lycabas
  • Lycidas
  • Lycopes
  • Lycus
  • Medon
  • Melanchaetes
  • Melaneus
  • Mermerus
  • Mimas
  • Monychus
  • Nedymnus
  • Nessus
  • Ophion
  • Orius
  • Orneus
  • Perimedes
  • Petraeus
  • Phaecomes
  • Phlegraeus
  • Pholus
  • Phrixus
  • Pisenor
  • Pylenor
  • Pyracmus
  • Pyraethus
  • Rhoecus
  • Rhoetus
  • Ripheus
  • Styphelus
  • Teleboas
  • Thaumas
  • Thereus
  • Ureus

Famous centaur names

CaironAn elderly black centaur in Michael Ende’s fantasy novel The Neverending Story. The lower half of his body is patterned with zebra stripes.
FoalyThe most intelligent centaur on Earth in Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl novel series.
MotaroA centaur and a sub-boss in the fighting video game Mortal Kombat 3.
NessusA centaur villain in the animated Disney film Hercules.
PolkanA half-human, half-horse in Russian folktales.
TirekLord Tirek is a male centaur and a villain in the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
Centaur name - a centaur statue

Centaur names in Harry Potter 

In J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, centaurs live in the Forbidden Forest. They are obsessed with astronomy and keep to themselves most of the time. However, they become aggressive if humans intrude on their territory.

BaneA centaur in the Forbidden Forest. Shamed Firenze for carrying Harry Potter on his back.
FirenzeThe centaur who saved Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Later, Dumbledore hired Firenze to teach divination in Hogwarts.
MagorianOne of the centaurs who dislike humans. Considered Firenze a traitor. Led the centaurs in the Battle of Hogwarts.
RonanA centaur who lives in the Forbidden Forest. Suspicious of humans, but protected Harry and Hermione from other centaurs.

Centaur names Dnd

Are you looking for centaur names that fit the Dungeons & Dragons world? Here are some great suggestions:

  • Aldras Vinerush
  • Domis Hazelwatch
  • Dozud Stormlimp
  • Dwazrila Cedarhoof
  • Dwiglir Bouldercarver
  • Dwodit Valleypetals
  • Em’vig Icebreaker
  • Fydrir Earthenwhisper
  • Ghan Woodsmile
  • Ghezruld Laureltree
  • Ghon’zi Hazelwanderer
  • Hazharash Yewvolley
  • Is’ras Hillstare
  • Jar Hailshifter
  • Keldred Riverscreamer
  • Lorzash Springbraid
  • Malval Willowcharger
  • Mizrir Oakenpush
  • Molevard Peakrunner
  • Nel Mountainbark
  • Oglurd Valleypetals
  • Phylroveg Drifttwister
  • Taklith Yewmarch
  • Tholneg Oakenspark
  • Tond Creekleaves
  • Valdonah Creekbraider
  • Vedriveath Pinerunner
  • Vomund Elmrun
  • Zagen Plainchanter
  • Ziglas Stormdreamer

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