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Welcome to the magical world of narwhals! These mysterious creatures are some of the most unique in the ocean. They have a distinct look and a long, spiraling tusk sure to mesmerize anyone who sees it. 

If you’re looking for a creative way to honor one of these beloved aquatic mammals, why not give them an equally magical name?

We’re introducing 117+ narwhal names for the unicorn of the sea.

About narwhals 

Narwhals are a mysterious whale species native to the Arctic waters around Norway, Russia, Greenland, and Canada. Known for their distinctive long tusks, these animals have been shrouded in myths and legends.

Although narwhals are rarely seen outside the Arctic Circle, they remain fascinating creatures that have captivated people for centuries.

Narwhal and the beluga whale are the only remaining members of the Monodontidae whale family. Monodontidae is Greek and means something like “one-toothed”. 

Narwhals possess the characteristic single tusk, while beluga whales don’t have tusks. Narwhals are slightly smaller than beluga whales. They reach a body length of 13 to 18 ft (4 to 5.5 m) and a weight of 1,760 to 3,500 lb (800 to 1,600 kg).

People often call narwhal tusks “horns”. That might be because the single tusk looks like a unicorn horn. A common nickname for a narwhal is “the unicorn of the sea”.

Actually, this mystic sea mammal was the creature that inspired the unicorn horn. Narwhal tusks were the inspiration for how the unicorn horn is depicted today.

However, the tusk of a narwhal is not a horn. It’s actually a canine tooth. All male narwhals have tusks, while only 15% of females possess them. One in 500 male narwhals has two tusks.

Unique narwhal names

These unique narwhal names are perfect for anyone looking to give their whale a memorable moniker. We’ve only chosen the best of the best name ideas in this list!

AglaktiInuit name that means “song maker”. Narwhals communicate with clicks and whistles. They produce sounds to hunt and navigate. So, “song maker” is a fitting name for this Arctic whale!
EchoThis name celebrates the echolocation that narwhals use to find breathing holes under the ice.
MilkywayInspired by our home galaxy, Milky Way.
MonocerosThe Greek name of the narwhal is Monodon monoceros. It means “one-toothed unicorn”. Monoceros means “unicorn”. So this is the perfect name for the sea unicorn narwhal!
NanurjukMeans “the star” in Inuit. There’s no doubt that the unicorn of the sea is a star! This name also starts with Na-, just like the word narwhal.
RainbowUnicorns are associated with rainbows, so this is a fitting name for the unicorn of the ocean!
YukaA unisex name that means “bright star” in Inuit.
List of narwhal names with male and female narwhal swimming underwater

Girl narwhal names

Most female narwhals don’t have tusks, so we’ve left funny tusk references out of these female narwhal names. Don’t worry, though. You’ll still find fabulous options in the list below!

AkinitsivukInuit name that means “echo”.
Aqakuktuq“Fish catcher” (Inuit)
AquaMeans “water” or “sea blue” in Latin.
ArnakuagsakThe Inuit goddess of hunting.
Astra“Of the stars” (Latin)
Cascade“Waterfall” (French)
CassiopeiaA constellation and the mother of Andromeda in Greek mythology.
Crystal“Ice, crystal glass” (Greek)
Hallie“Praise the Lord, home ruler” (British). Hallie is also a purple Squishmallow narwhal plush toy.
Henrietta“Home ruler” (French and English origin). The name of a pastel-patterned narwhal Squishmallow.
Luna“Moon” (Latin)
Marina“Of the sea” (Latin)
Muriel“Bright sea” (Irish)
Mystique“Air of mystery” (French)
Naomi“Beautiful” (Hebrew). Naomi the Narwhal is also a purple Squishmallow.
NatalieMeans “born on Christmas Day” (French origin). Natalie is also a tie-die narwhal Squishmallow.
Nelly“Shining light” (Greek origin)
Nerissa“From the sea” (Greek)
Nora“Light” (Irish)
Nori“Seaweed” in Japanese.
Oceana“Ocean” (Latin)
Raina“Queen” (Slavic origin)
RánThe goddess and personification of the sea in Norse mythology.
SagaA goddess in Norse myths. Associated with the water and fish.
SednaThe goddess of sea animals in Inuit mythology.
Serena“Serene” (Latin)
SkadiThe goddess of winter in Norse myths.

Male narwhal names 

Male narwhal names - A narwhal swimming in the ocean
пресс-служба ПАО “Газпром нефть”CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Male narwhals are iconic ocean creatures and have been revered for centuries. With these boy narwhal names, you can be sure that your underwater companion will stand out from the rest.

AegirA personification of the ocean and a sea giant in Norse mythology.
Asher“Happy” (Hebrew). Unicorns are happy and sparkling creatures, so maybe narwhals are too?
Aslak“Supporter of Thorgest” (Old Norse)
Astro“Of the stars” (Greek)
Cove“Small bay”
Douglas“Dark water” (Scottish). Narwhals swim under the ice and look for breathing holes. They dive in dark Arctic waters, so this name has the perfect meaning for them.
Dover“The waters” (Welsh)
Dylon“Son of the sea” (Welsh)
Finn“Fair” (Irish)
Harry“Home ruler” (German)
Herman“Soldier, warrior” (German)
Marin“Of the sea” (Latin)
MobyAfter the famous whale Moby Dick. While Moby Dick is a sperm whale, this is a fitting name for narwhals.
Muktuk“Whale blubber” (Inuit)
Ned“Wealthy guardian” (Old English)
Neil“Champion” (Irish)
Nelson”Champion” (English)
NeptuneThe Roman god of the sea.
Neville”New town” (French origin)
NigaqInuit name that means “rainbow”.
NjordThe Norse god of wind and waters.
Noel“Born on Christmas Day” (French origin)
OdinThe Norse god of war and wisdom.
Pilip“Lover of horses” (the Inuit version of Philip). The unicorn of the sea loves horses for sure, right?
TritonA sea god in Norse mythology.
UllrThe Norse god of snow.
WallyWally the Narwhal is a blue Squishmallow.

Cute narwhal names

  • Bubbles
  • Glimmer
  • Jelly
  • Jewel
  • Lucky
  • Melody
  • Popsicle
  • Sandy
  • Seastar
  • Shimmer
  • Sparkles
  • Sparky
Cute narwhal names - Cute watercolor narwhal flying with balloons

Funny narwhal names

Thanks to the narwhal’s unique tusk, it’s easy to come up with funny monikers for this beloved sea creature!

HornerI know, a narwhal tusk is not a horn. But I couldn’t resist adding this name to the list.
IcicleNarwhals live in icy waters. Their tusks are like massive icicles too!
SparkleA unicorn name to celebrate the “unicorn of the sea”.
Tusken RaiderA narwhal pun after the Tusken Raiders, or Sand People, in Star Wars.

Good narwhal names

  • Alaska
  • Anchor
  • Bay
  • Blue
  • Breeze
  • Frosty
  • Glacier
  • Harbor
  • Ice
  • Ivory
  • Jetty
  • Lagoon
  • Magic
  • Misty
  • Ocean
  • Seashell
  • Shadow
  • Shiver
  • Shore
  • Silver
  • Snow
  • Star
  • Wave
  • Wind
  • Winter

There you go; over a hundred magical monikers for your amazing narwhal whale!

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