Dragon names in Spyro the Dragon - Spyro and Sparx facing a frozen dragon in Artisan Home

There’s no doubt that Spyro is the coolest dragon of all time!

But our purple hero is not the only dragon in the Spyro the Dragon video game series. What about the other dragon names?

Today, I’m listing all dragon names in Spyro the Dragon, including their meanings!

All dragon names in Spyro the Dragon (including meanings)

In Spyro the Dragon (the first Spyro game), Gnasty Gnorc has turned all dragons except Spyro into crystal statues. It’s up to Spyro to save them.

Each rescued dragon provides Spyro with a piece of advice. And those who don’t, simply say: “Thank you for releasing me.” Ah, the nostalgia!

Here are the names of all 80 rescued dragons in Spyro the Dragon (Spyro 1). And not just the names; I’ve included their meanings and genders too!

I’ve classified the dragons by their home worlds and levels.

Artisans dragon names

The Artisan dragons are songwriters, sculptors, and painters. The Spyro the Dragon (PS1) game manual describes them as the gentlest of all dragon families.

Nestor in Artisan Home in Spyro the Dragon
Nestor in Artisans Home

According to Spyro Wiki, Spyro is an Artisan dragon and may be from Stone Hill.

These are the Artisan dragon names in Spyro the Dragon:

Artisans Home

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Argus”Watchful guardian” (Greek)Male
Delbin”Dolphin, flower” (Greek)Unisex
Nestor”Traveler” (Greek)Male
Tomas”Twin” (Greek origin)Male

Stone Hill

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Astor”Hawk, thunder god” (Scandinavian)Unisex
Gavin”White hawk” (Celtic)Male
Gildas”Servant of God” (Celtic)Male
Astor is being interviewed in Spyro the Dragon
Astor in Stone Hill is being interviewed by DNN

Dark Hollow

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Alban”White” (Latin)Male
Darius”Possessing goodness” (Persian)Male
Oswin”God’s friend” (English)Male

Town Square

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
AlvarElf warrior” (German)Male
Devlin”Unlucky” (Irish)Male
Nils”Champion” (Scandinavian)Male
Thor”Thunder” (Norse)Male


Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Nevin”Holy” (Irish)Male

Peace Keepers dragon names

The Peace Keeper dragons have names that fit them perfectly. These monikers have meanings like ”warrior”, ”guardian”, and ”wolf”.

Peace Keepers Home

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Gunnar”Warrior” (Scandinavian)Male
Magnus”Greatest” (Latin)Male
Titan”Defender” (Greek)Male

Dry Canyon

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Boris”Fight” (Slavic)Unisex
Conan”Little wolf” (Irish)Male
Ivor”Yew” (Scandinavian)Male
Maximos”Greatest” (Latin)Male

Cliff Town

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Enzo”Home ruler” (Italian)Male
Halvor”Guardian of the rock” (Scandinavian)Male
Marco”Warlike” (Italian)Male

Ice Cavern

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Andor”Manly” (Greek origin)Male
Asher”Happy” (Hebrew)Unisex
Ragnar”Warrior” (Old Norse)Male
Todor”God’s gift” (Greek)Male
Ulric”Wolf power” (English)Male

Doctor Shemp

Dragon nameMeaningName gender

Magic Crafters dragon names

The Spyro the Dragon manual describes the Magic Crafter dragons as shy and artistic creatures who like to be alone. They make magic artifacts for all dragons.

If I was a dragon, I would 100% be a Magic Crafter! No wonder this is my favorite dragon world in Spyro the Dragon.

Magic Crafters Home

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
BoldarUnknown; probably derived from the name Boulder.Unknown
Cosmos”Order, beauty, universe” (Greek)Male
ZantorMeaning unknown. A dragon called Zantor appeared in Jackie French Coller’s The Dragonling book series.Unknown

Alpine Ridge

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Eldrid”Old counsel” (Old English)Male
Kelvin”Wooded river” (Scottish)Male
Zander”Defender of people” (Greek)Male
Zane”God is gracious” (Hebrew)Male

High Caves

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Ajax”Eagle” (Greek)Male
Cedric”Bounty” (Celtic)Male
Cyrus”Sun” (Persian)Male

Wizard Peak

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Jarvis”Servant spear” (German)Male
Lucas”Bringer of light” (Latin)Male


Dragon nameMeaningName gender
AltairFlying eagle” (Arabic)Male

Beast Makers dragon names

Beast Maker dragons are swamp dwellers, and Beast Maker dragon names reflect that.

For example, Bubba is a common Southern name. Claude, on the other hand, is French. These names make me think of the wetlands of Louisiana.

Beast Makers Home

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Bruno”Brown” (German)Male
Cleetus”Called forth” (Greek)Male

Terrace Village

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Claude”Lame” (French)Unisex

Misty Bog

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Bubba”Brother” (American)Male
Damon”To tame” (Greek)Male
Rosco”Deer wood” (Norse)Male
Zeke”God strengthens” (Hebrew)Unisex

Tree Tops

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Isaak”He will laugh” (Hebrew)Male
Jed”Beloved of God” (Hebrew)Male
Lyle”From the island” (French origin)Unisex


Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Sadiki”Faithful” (Swahili)Male

Dream Weavers dragon names

According to the Spyro the Dragon manual, the Dream Weaver dragons watch that nightmares don’t bother sleeping dragons.

The names of the Dream Weaver dragons sound dreamy and exotic. Most of them are of African origin.

Dream Weavers Home

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Lateef”Gentle, kind” (Arabic)Male
Mazi”Sir” (Igbo)Male
Zikomo”Thank you” (Ngono)Male

Dark Passage

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Apara”One who comes and goes” (Yoruba)Male
Azizi”Precious” (Arabic)Male
Bakari”Hopeful” (Swahili)Male
Kasiya”Leaving” (African)Male
Obasi”In honor of God” (Igbo)Male

Lofty Castle

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Baruti”Teacher” (African)Male
Mudada”Provider” (African)Male
Useni”Tell me” (African)Male

Haunted Towers

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Kosoko”No hoes to dig a grave” (Yoruba)Male
Lutalo”Warrior” (African)Male


Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Revilo”Oliver” spelled backward.Male
Unika”Shining” (African)Unisex

Gnasty’s World dragon names

All dragons in Gnasty’s World are ones Spyro already rescued earlier in the game. But they defied Gnasty Gnorc and got turned into crystal statues again.

Gnorc Gnexus

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Delbin”Dolphin, flower” (Greek)Unisex
Magnus”Greatest” (Latin)Male

Gnorc Cove

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Lateef”Gentle, kind” (Arabic)Male
Tomas”Twin” (Greek)Male

Twilight Harbor

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Cleetus”Called forth” (Greek)Male
Cosmos”Order, beauty” (Greek)Male

Baby dragon names in Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

In Spyro 3: The Year of the Dragon, an evil Sorcerer has stolen 150 dragon eggs. Of course, rescuing the babies is Spyro’s job.

Every time Spyro finds an egg, a baby dragon hatches. Just like in Spyro 1, each rescued dragon is mentioned by name.

Spyro rescues Isablle in Spyro: Year of a Dragon

These are the names of the baby dragon eggs in Spyro 3. They’re classified by the level they can be found in. I’ve also included the meaning and gender of each name.

Sunrise Spring dragon egg names

Sunrise Spring Home

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Ami”Beloved” (French)Female
Bruce”Willowlands” (French origin)Male
Coltrane”Young male horse” (English)Male
Isabelle”Pledged to God” (French)Female
Liam”Protector” (Irish)Male

Sheila’s Alp

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Jenny”The fair one” (Cornish)Female
Nan”Grace” (Hebrew)Female
Ruby”Red gemstone” (Latin)Female

Sunny Villa

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Daisy”Day’s eye” (English)Female
Emily”Rival” (Latin)Female
Lucy”Light” (Latin)Female
Miles”Soldier” (Latin)Unisex
Sanders”Defender of the people” (Scottish)Male
VanessaButterfly” (British)Female

Cloud Spires

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Bryan”Virtuous” (Irish)Male
Clare”Bright, clear” (Latin)Female
Henry”House ruler” (German)Male
Jake”Supplanter” (Hebrew)Male
Lulu”Pearl” (Arabic)Female
Stephanie”Crown” (Greek)Female

Molten Crater

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Curlie”Strong man” (Old English)Male
Kermitt”Free man” (Irish)Male
Luna”Moon” (Latin)Female
Moira”Destiny” (Irish)Female
Rikki”Eternal ruler” (German origin)Unisex
Ryan”Little king” (Irish)Unisex

Seashell Shore

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Dizzy”Giddy, silly” (American)Female
Duke”Leader” (Latin)Male
Jackie”Supplanter” (English)Unisex
Jared”He descends” (Hebrew)Male
Jason”Healer” (Greek)Male
Mollie”Star of the sea” (Hebrew)Female

Mushroom Speedway

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
John”God is gracious” (Hebrew)Male
Sabina”Sabine” (Latin)Female
Tater”Sweet potato” (Spanish origin)Male

Buzz’s Dungeon

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Grayson”Son of the bailiff” (English)Unisex

Crawdad Farm

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Nora”Light” (Greek)Female

Midday Gardens dragon egg names

Midday Gardens Home

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Dave”Beloved” (Hebrew)Male
Matt”Gift of God” (Hebrew)Male
Mingus”Tenants of a manor” (Scottish)Male
Modesty”Modesty” (Latin)Female
Trixie”Bringer of joy” (Latin)Female

Sgt. Byrd’s Base

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
RyanLee”Little king meadow” (Latin, English)Unisex
Roy”The king” (Latin origin)Male
Sigfried”Victory, peace” (German)Male

Icy Peak

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Betty”God is my oath” (Hebrew and English origins)Female
Chet”Fortress” (English)Male
Cerny”Black” (Czech)Male
Maynard”Brave” (German)Male
Reez”Enthusiastic” (Welsh)Male
Scout”To listen” (French)Unisex

Enchanted Towers

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Alex”Defender of the people” (Greek)Unisex
Caroline”Free man” (French)Female
Gladys”Princess” (Welsh)Female
Lys”God is my oath” (French)Female
Peanut”Peanut” (American)Unisex
Ralph”Wolf counsel” (English)Male

Spooky Swamp

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Frank”Free” (German)Male
Herbi”Illustrious warrior” (German)Male
Michael”Who resembles God?” (Hebrew)Unisex
Michele”Who is like God?” (French)Female
Peggy”Pearl” (Greek and English origins)Female
Thelonious”Lord” (Latin)Male

Bamboo Terrace

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Brubeck”Dweller beside a brook” (German)Male
Dwight”White, blond” (Dutch origin)Male
Madison”Son of Matthew” (English)Unisex
Pee-wee”Small” (American)Unisex
Rusty”Red-headed” (Latin origin)Male
Tom”Twin” (Aramaic)Male

Country Speedway

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Gavin”White hawk” (Welsh)Male
Roberto”Bright fame” (Italian)Male

Spike’s Arena

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Monique”Advisor” (French)Female

Spider Town

Dragon nameMeaningName gender

Evening Lake dragon egg names

Evening Lake Home

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Hannah”Grace” (Hebrew)Female
Jonah”Dove” (Hebrew)Male
Stuart”Steward” (Scottish)Male
Ted”Gift of God” (Greek)Male

Bentley’s Outpost

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Brian”Noble” (Irish)Male
Charlie”Free man” (Germanic)Unisex
Eric”Eternal ruler” (Norse origin)Male

Frozen Altars

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Aly”Friend” (English)Unisex
Ba’ahProbably derived from a sheep’s ”baa” since baby Ba’ah hatches wearing a sheep costume.Unknown
Cecil”Blind” (Latin)Unisex
Jana”God is gracious” (Slavic)Female
Jasper”Treasurer” (Persian)Unisex
Ricco”Wealthy” (Italian)Male

Lost Fleet

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Aiden”Little fire” (Irish)Unisex
Chad”Defender” (English)Male
Craig”From the rocks” (Scottish)Male
Dolores”Sorrows” (Spanish)Female
Ethel”Noble” (English)Female
Oliver”Olive tree” (Latin)Male

Fireworks Factory

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Donovan”Dark” (Irish)Male
Evan”God is gracious” (Welsh)Unisex
Grady”Noble” (Irish)Unisex
NoodlesYou know what it means; the yummy food!Unisex
Patty”Patrician” (Latin)Female
Sam”God has heard” (Hebrew)Unisex

Charmed Ridge

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Abby”Father’s joy” (Hebrew)Unisex
Benjamin”Son of the right hand” (Hebrew)Male
Chuck”Free man” (German)Male
Moe”Deliver” (English)Unisex
Sakura”Cherry blossom” (Japanese)Female
Shelley”Sloped meadow” (Old English)Female

Honey Speedway

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Chris”Follower of Christ” (Greek origin)Unisex
Henri”Home ruler” (French)Unisex
Nori”Seaweed” (Japanese)Unisex

Scorch’s Pit

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
James”Supplanter” (Hebrew)Male

Starfish Reef

Dragon nameMeaningName gender

Midnight Mountain dragon egg names

Midgnight Mountain Home

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Al”Harmony” (Celtic)Unisex
Billy”Protection” (German)Unisex
Buddy”Friend” (American)Male
Evie”Life” (Hebrew)Female
Maiken”Beloved” (Danish and Norwegian)Female
Saki”Blossoming hope” (Japanese)Female

Agent 9’s Lab

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Beulah”Married” (Hebrew)Female
Rowan”Little redhead” (Irish)Unisex
Tony”Priceless one” (Latin)Unisex

Crystal Islands

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Elloise”Smart” (German)Female
Grace”Blessing” (Latin)Female
Hank”Home ruler” (German)Male
Lloyd”Gray” (Welsh)Male
Manie”God is with us” (Hebrew)Female
Max”Greatest” (Latin origin)Unisex

Desert Ruins

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Andy”Warrior” (Latin)Unisex
Lester”From Leicester” (English)Male
Marty”Of Mars” (Latin)Unisex
Nelly”Shining light” (Greek)Female
Pete”Rock” (Greek)Male
Sadie”Princess” (Hebrew)Female

Haunted Tomb

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Christine”Follower of Christ” (Greek origin)Female
Malcom”Devotee of St. Colomba” (Scottish)Male
Roxy”Dawn” (Persian)Female
Will”Resolute protector” (English)Unisex

Dino Mines

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Dan”God is my judge” (Hebrew)Male
Elliot”The Lord is my God” (Hebrew)Unisex
Kiki”Double happiness” (French)Female
Romey”Dew of the sea” (Latin)Female
Sergio”Servant” (Italian)Male
Sharon”A fertile plain” (Hebrew)Female

Harbor Speedway

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Jessie”He sees” (Hebrew)Unisex
Kobe”Tortoise” (Swahili)Unisex
Sara”Princess” (Hebrew)Female

Sorceress’s Lair

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
George”Farmer” (Greek)Male

Bugbot Factory

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Anabelle”Favored grace” (French)Female

Super Bonus Round

Dragon nameMeaningName gender
Yin and YangA Chinese philosophy about two opposing forces of the universe.Yin is female energy, and Yang is male.

Female dragon names in Spyro the Dragon

I think it’s a bit weird all the dragons in Spyro the Dragon (Spyro 1) are male. Where are all the female dragons?

At least in Spyro 3, both male and female dragons hatch from the rescued eggs. But adult female dragons are not shown in the classic Spyro trilogy.

However, a few young and adult female dragon characters appeared in the Spyro games following the original trilogy.

In Spyro: A Hero’s Tail, there’s Ember, a young pink female dragon who has a crush on Spyro.

Spyro: Shadow Legacy introduced a female Dragon Elder, Cho Lei.

Cynder is a black female dragon in The Legend of Spyro series. She became Spyro’s love interest.

What is your favorite dragon name in Spyro the Dragon?

That was a lot of names, but we made it to the end! There you go; we’ve listed all dragon names in Spyro the Dragon (Spyro 1) and Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon.

When it comes to Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!, Spyro is the only dragon in the game. So there’s no point in making a list of dragon names for that!

As a huge Spyro fan, I’m always happy to hear other people’s thoughts about the topic. What is your favorite dragon name in Spyro the Dragon? How about your favorite dragon world? Please share your favorite picks in the comments below!

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