Black dragon names - A fierce black dragon

Ready to venture into the world of majestic black dragons? These awe-inspiring creatures possess an aura of mystery, captivating our imaginations with their dark scales and fiery breath.

Explore an extensive list of 250+ black dragon names. You might find the perfect character name here if you’re a writer. Or maybe you’re a gamer embarking on an epic quest? Either way, these monikers evoke darkness and ancient wisdom.

How to choose a name for a black dragon

Black dragons can fly and swim. So you could give your character a name related to flying or water. Just choose something that sounds cool and dark!

Of course, names that mean ”black” fit black dragons perfectly.

Fire-themed names fit all dragons, including the black ones. Exploring phoenix names might help fire up your imagination.

Female black dragon names

These are the best name ideas for black female dragons, including their meanings:

Amaya”Night rain” (Japanese)
Cedron”Black” (Hebrew)
Charna”Black” (Yiddish)
Cierra”Black” (Irish)
Cinder”Low burning ash” (English)
Deianira”Man destroyer” (Greek)
Ebony”Deep black wood” (English)
Electra”Shining” (Greek)
Esmeray”Dark moon” (Turkish)
Hydra”Water serpent” (Greek)
Jemisha”Queen of night” (Hindi)
Jetta”Jet black” (English)
Kali”The black one” (Sanskrit). The goddess of destruction in Hindu mythology.
Lilith”Night monster” (Assyrian)
Lyla”Night, black” (Arabic)
Mystique”Air of mystery” (French). A fitting name for a mysterious creature of the darkness.
Nebula”Mist” (Latin)
Rajani”Dark” (Sanskrit)
Seraphina”Burning ones” (Hebrew)
Skadi”Shadow, harm” (Old Norse)
Tamala”Dark tree” (African)
Tinuviel”Daughter of the twilight” (Sindarin)
Umbra”Shadow” (Italian)
VestaThe goddess of the hearth in Roman myths.
Zelda”Gray battle maid” (German)
Zilla”Shadow” (Hebrew)

Male black dragon names

This list includes the top name ideas for black male dragons, plus their meanings:

Apollo”Destroyer” (Greek)
Axenus”From the Black Sea” (Latin)
Bambang”Knight” (Javanese)
Brutus”Heavy” (Latin)
Caliban”Black” (Romanian)
Cerny”Black” (Czech)
Chernobog”Black god” (Slavic)
Cole”Coal black” (English)
Colton”Coal town” (English)
Cyril”Lord” (Greek)
Draco”Dragon” (Greek)
Drake”Dragon” (English)
Dubhan”Black” (Irish)
Duncan”Dark warrior” (Scottish)
Erebus”Darkness” (Greek)
Icarus”The one who reaches the sky” (Greek)
Ignatius”Fiery” (Latin)
Itzal”Shadow” (Basque)
Mabuz”Ruler of death castle” (English)
Matchitehew”He has an evil heart” (Native American)
Nero”Black” (Italian)
ObsidianA type of volcanic glass.
Orpheus”The darkness of the night” (Greek)
Pyro”Fire” (Greek)
Seraphim”Fiery” (Hebrew)
Shyam”Dark, black, blue” (Sanskrit)
Sirius”Burning” (Greek)
Tynan”Dark” (Irish)
Zmok”Serpent” (Latin)

Unisex black dragon names

These monikers fit black dragons regardless of their gender. I included their meanings, so you can choose something that matches your dragon’s personality.

A black dragon with a black cat
AshDragons often leave nothing but a pile of ash behind them.
Blake”Dark, black” (English)
Blaze”Fire” (Latin origin)
Darcy”Descendant of the dark” (Irish)
Diablo”Devil” (Spanish)
Jett”Black stone” (British)
Krishna”Dark, black” (Sanskrit)
MidnightNight names are perfect for dark souls like black dragons.
Musta”Black” in Finnish. It’s not actually used as a name, but for a dragon, it could be!
Nocturne”Of the night” (French)
Noir”Black” (French)
Nyx”Night” (Greek). Black dragons are creatures of the night, as dark as the night sky.
Onyx”Black gemstone” (Greek origin)
Tristan”Sorrowful” (Celtic)

Cool black dragon names

Few creatures are as badass as black dragons. These monikers emphasize their badass qualities:

  • Blackshadow
  • Blackwing
  • Cinderwing
  • Darkshadow
  • Darkwing
  • Eclipse
  • Ember
  • Emberwing
  • Fyre
  • Galaxy
  • Jet
  • Magma
  • Night
  • Phoenix
  • Pyro
  • Raven
  • Scorch
  • Shadow
  • Shadowheart
  • Shadowscale
  • Smoke
  • Twilight
  • Vortex
  • Vulcan
List of black dragon names with an image of a black dragon flying

Famous black dragon names

These black dragons appeared in movies, television, literature, and video games.

Ancalagon the BlackA great winged dragon in Tolkien lore.
CynderA black female dragon in The Legend of Spyro series.
Dark SpyroThe dark alter-ego of Spyro the Dragon in Skylanders.
DrogonA black-red dragon in Game of Thrones.
MaleficentMaleficent transforms into a black and purple dragon in the Disney film Sleeping Beauty.
ToothlessA black Night Fury dragon in How to Train Your Dragon.

Funny names for black dragons

Imagine you met a ferocious black dragon with gleaming eyes and sharp teeth. You might not feel like joking!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun when naming a black dragon! These silly name ideas prove that:

  • Ace of Scales
  • Batman
  • Black Friday
  • Black Hole
  • Blackjack
  • Black Mamba
  • Blackout
  • Black Sabbath
  • Boba Jett
  • Dark Twain
  • Darth Vader
  • Draco Malfoy
  • Gothzilla
  • Mighty Mocha
  • Shady Scales
  • Sirius Black
  • The Dark Lord

Chinese names for a black dragon

Dragons play a significant role in Chinese culture, and black dragons are no exception.

A Chinese black dragon
DaiyuA girl’s name that means ”black jade”.
GangA boy’s name meaning ”strong”.
HongA gender-neutral name that means ”water” or ”flood”. A fitting name for black dragons because they’re associated with water in Chinese culture.
Jaw-LongA male name meaning ”like a dragon”.
JiangA unisex name that means ”river”.
LiA unisex name meaning ”black”, ”pretty”, or ”powerful”.
LongA boy’s name that means ”dragon”.
LongweiA male name that translates as ”dragon greatness”.
XiangA unisex name meaning ”soar above others”.
ZimoA boy’s name that means ”refined ink”.

WoW black dragon names

Black dragons in World of Warcraft are connected to Neltharion the Earth-Warder, also known as Deathwing the Destroyer. These creatures are powerful in Azeroth. With black scales and red eyes, black dragons scare even the bravest heroes.

Nefarian is a famous black dragon in World of Warcraft. He lives in Blackwing Lair and is the oldest son of Deathwing.

This massive dragon is not only a fierce enemy, but also a mastermind behind various evil schemes. Players must band together and face his deadly minions while navigating his treacherous lair to challenge him for ultimate glory.

Another notable black dragon is Onyxia, who lurks deep within her lair in Dustwallow Marsh. Onyxia is Deathwing’s daughter.

Here are more World of Warcraft-inspired name ideas for black dragons:

Male names

  • Afarrion
  • Arellian
  • Ertevion
  • Horeles
  • Idyrrian
  • Ifimion
  • Ilfirrion
  • Ladillion
  • Legamian
  • Ludrimes
  • Lydrylles
  • Lyrtedion
  • Meharrion
  • Oltissian
  • Sahavian
  • Sidissiar
  • Sihenar
  • Silfames
  • Sotresses
  • Utresion
  • Uzission
  • Vemirian
  • Vyltylion
  • Vyrtydiar
  • Ydizar
  • Ydrarrion
  • Zedrezar
  • Zeraviar
  • Zertinian
  • Zulvilian
A fierce black dragon on white background

Female names

  • Anersia
  • Astristia
  • Evesta
  • Evsarsya
  • Faxrarya
  • Ferostra
  • Fevsirse
  • Fexiltria
  • Heltistra
  • Hesrostria
  • Hivyksia
  • Hynthonria
  • Ixira
  • Ixorstria
  • Lasreshrya
  • Lenthixia
  • Masridria
  • Mosricsia
  • Myshinra
  • Nyvsyksia
  • Osrexia
  • Roldyndria
  • Santhoksia
  • Sonthoda
  • Yltyksa
  • Yrtastrya
  • Zathrastra
  • Zathyria
  • Zilarra
  • Zistrakre

Black dragon names D&D

Black dragons in Dungeons and Dragons are known for their cunning intellect, evil nature, and overwhelming power.

With their sleek ebony scales, razor-sharp claws, and glowing eyes that radiate pure malice, black dragons strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned adventurers.

In addition to their physical prowess, black dragons possess a formidable breath weapon: a powerful acid spray that can melt through armor and flesh. This deadly attack allows them to dominate their territory and assert dominance over other creatures foolish enough to cross their path.

These vile creatures often make their lairs in swamps or marshes, where they can easily blend in with the murky waters.

These names fit the black dragons in the Dungeons and Dragons universe:

Male names

  • Broadbreaker
  • Chathnommithaeth
  • Coldwings
  • Darkjaw
  • Egras
  • Freeclaw
  • Iklytrathaul
  • Kastellok
  • Kethnaston
  • Komnin
  • Mrynglomolgraul
  • Nanglathassagal
  • Phantomfly
  • Rashteeth
  • Razmalas
  • Rirzulloth
  • Shaestyndaun
  • Suneyes
  • The Architect
  • The Generous
  • The Glorious
  • The Lost Mind
  • The Massive
  • Thoardondan
  • Threrzoth
  • Vaertevillomaes
  • Virdilydath
  • Ynumingran
  • Zogragississirg
  • Zoswollolburg

Female names

  • Bullbringer
  • Chemni
  • Cire
  • Cymi
  • Ermi
  • Ilo
  • Izman
  • Lightbreaker
  • Mirwa
  • Murmon
  • Oldbreaker
  • Scuse
  • Scysre
  • Skyrne
  • Strongfly
  • The Actor
  • The Alert
  • The Behemoth
  • The Bringer Of Death
  • The Dark
  • The Great
  • The Greedy
  • The Serpent
  • Themnal
  • Thirimini
  • Thusrin
  • Thyznin
  • Turwadilen
  • Zilho
  • Zylhel

Black dragons in mythology

Black dragons are often seen in fantasy and mythology. They grab people’s attention with their mysterious and frightening appearance. They are often portrayed as formidable foes, symbolizing darkness and chaos.

In numerous tales, black dragons possess great physical strength, capable of spewing fire and wreaking havoc. Their scales gleam like black glass, reflecting their wickedness.

Ancient Chinese thought black dragons controlled water like rivers and lakes. They caused both destruction and prosperity. People saw them as protectors against evil spirits and linked them to rainfall for good harvests.

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