Best sheep names - A cute white lamb on a meadow with yellow flowers

Need a name for your woolly friend?

Explore our list of 260+ best sheep names. We have monikers for black and white sheep, rams, ewes, and more!

Finding the perfect sheep name is not always easy. As a lifelong fan of sheep, I wanted to collect only names that fit your fluffy friend perfectly. You’re bound to find one you like among the various options!

How to choose a name for a sheep

Choosing a name for your sheep may seem like a trivial task, but it is an important decision that can impact the bond you develop with your woolly companion.

First and foremost, consider the personality of your sheep. Are they lively and energetic? Or calm and docile? This will give you some direction when selecting a name that matches their individuality.

For example, if your sheep is spirited and full of energy, names like Sparkle or Bounce could be fitting. On the other hand, if they have a mellow temperament, names such as Serenity or Patience would be more appropriate.

Another factor to consider is the breed of your sheep. Different breeds often have distinct characteristics that can inspire name choices.

If you have a Shetland sheep known for its small size and adorable appearance, whimsical names like Pixie or Sprout might capture their charm perfectly. Of course, these names also fit baby sheep of any breed!

Cute baby sheep names

Sheep were my favorite animals as a kid. I couldn’t think of anything cuter than a fluffy little lamb! I’ll admit that I still find them just as adorable.

Here are some cute sheep names to match the delightful personality of your little lamb:

  • Agnus (Means “lamb” in Latin)
  • Angel
  • Apple
  • Aurora
  • BaaBaa
  • Berry
  • Bounce
  • Cloud
  • Clover
  • Cupcake
  • Curly
  • Dawn
  • Fluffy
  • Lambie
  • Meadow
  • Muffin
  • Nova
  • Pixie
  • Snuggles
  • Spark
  • Sparkle
  • Sprout
  • Tickles
  • Tiny
  • Twinkle

Pet sheep names

If you’re lucky enough to have your own pet sheep, you’ll need a fitting name for them.

From adorable and whimsical to solid and majestic, there’s a name here to suit every personality.

  • Boomer
  • Candy
  • Capri
  • Cosmo
  • Cotton
  • Cuddles
  • Dawson
  • Flower
  • Honey
  • Lucky
  • Lucy
  • Lyric
  • Midge
  • Molly
  • Monty
  • Mort
  • Mush
  • Nebula
  • Nibbler
  • Oreo
  • Pearl
  • Phineas
  • Popcorn
  • Pound
  • Scruffy
  • Scuddle
  • Sean
  • Silver
  • Taz
  • Thunder
  • Tumnus

Girl sheep names

These female sheep names will make your fluffy friend stand out from the flock. Whether you have a sweet and gentle ewe or a feisty little lamb, there’s a name on this list that is bound to be just right for her!

If you’re looking for something traditionally cute, why not consider Daisy or Buttercup? These names evoke images of sunny meadows and vibrant flowers, matching perfectly with the gentle nature of these lovely creatures.

For those who prefer unique options, Luna or Willow add an enchanting touch to your woolly companion’s identity. These mystical names are beautiful and reflect the elegance and gracefulness often associated with sheep.

A mother sheep with her lamb outdoors
  • April
  • Bella
  • Buttercup
  • Charlotte
  • Claudia
  • Dahlia
  • Daisy
  • Dandelion
  • Dolly
  • Elvira
  • Emma
  • Esther
  • Eve
  • Faith
  • Fanny
  • Flora
  • Grace
  • Hannah
  • Hope
  • Judith
  • Kristy
  • Laura
  • Lavender
  • Libby
  • Lily
  • Linnea
  • Luna
  • Margaret
  • Mary
  • Molly
  • Ovidia (A Romanian name that means “sheep”)
  • Patience
  • Petra
  • Petunia
  • Primrose
  • Rachel (“Female sheep” in Hebrew)
  • Rosemary
  • Saga
  • Sally
  • Selena
  • Serenity
  • Shauna
  • Sheila
  • Shirley
  • Unna (A Gaelic name that means “lamb”)
  • Violet
  • Willow

Ram names for sheep

An adult male sheep is called a ram. The best ram names have a bit of a badass feel to them.

Consider names like Hercules or Titan, which highlight the rams’ immense strength, or Apollo and Zeus, which pay tribute to their regal demeanor.

A ram looking at the camera

For those seeking a more playful approach, names like Bucky or Rambo can add a touch of humor to your ram’s personality.

If you prefer something elegant and sophisticated, consider names like Jasper or Sterling. These names not only convey a sense of refinement but also align with the inherent gracefulness that rams possess.

  • Adam
  • Alioth (“Fat tail of the sheep” in Arabic)
  • Angus
  • Apollo
  • Bucky
  • Casper
  • Charles
  • Claudio
  • Drover (Means “driver of sheep”)
  • Farley (Means “meadow of the sheep”)
  • Florian
  • Gunnar
  • Hercules
  • Jack
  • Jacob
  • Jasper
  • John
  • Lance
  • Larry
  • Lars
  • Linus
  • Lucas
  • Moses
  • Noah
  • Peter
  • Rambo
  • Ramon
  • Ramses
  • Shrek
  • Simon
  • Sterling
  • Thomas
  • Titan
  • Zeus

Famous sheep names

Celebrity sheep names

These real-life sheep made it to the headlines:

DollyThe Finn-Dorset sheep Dolly (1996-2003) was the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell.
Lance Corporal Derby XXXThe highest-ranking sheep in the British army.
MethuselinaThe world’s oldest sheep reached the age of 25 years and 11 months.
MontaucielA sheep who flew a hot air balloon with a rooster and a duck in 1783.
ShrekA fugitive Merino wether in New Zealand. During his 6-year getaway, he grew an insanely fluffy fleece that weighed 27 kg (60 lbs).

Famous sheep from movies and television

MaaAn encouraging ewe in the 1995 movie Babe.
SamuelAppeared in the movie Charlotte’s Web.
Suzy SheepPeppa’s best friend in Peppa Pig.

Disney sheep names

BellwetherThe main antagonist in the animated film Zootopia.
Billy, Goat, and GruffThree conjoined porcelain sheep in Toy Story 4.
DougA ram antagonist in the movie Zootopia.
LambieA character in the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins.
Mr. WoolensworthA character in the animated film Chicken Little.
SheeraA lamb in the T.O.T.S. episode “Shear Madness”.
Woolter and JesseBellwether’s minions in Zootopia.

Shaun the Sheep names

Shaun the Sheep is one of those animated series that always makes me smile. These are the names of the sheep characters in the show:

HazelA member of the flock.
LolaShaun’s girlfriend.
ShaunThe main character and the leader of the flock.
ShirleyA large sheep who loves eating.
The TwinsShaun’s good friends.
TimmyShaun’s cousin. The only lamb in the flock.
Timmy’s MumWears curlers.
List of sheep names with a sheep on blue background

Minecraft sheep names

These names fit sheep in the Minecraft game:

  • Babbit
  • Biggs
  • Bitsy
  • Bullet
  • Butters
  • Carmine
  • Chopper
  • Daahling
  • Darling
  • Duke
  • Emerald
  • Fern
  • Gorgeous
  • Gunther
  • Jazzy
  • Lime
  • McCloud
  • Muffin
  • Onyx
  • Orion
  • Saffron
  • Sierra
  • Snuggle
  • Spice
  • Sponge
  • Terra
  • Tulip
  • Twinkie
  • Venus

Funny names for sheep

Want to have fun while naming your lamb?

I hope this list of silly and punny sheep names will inspire you to do just that:

  • Adam Lambert
  • Britney Shears
  • Ed Shearan
  • Ewen McGregor
  • Fleece Witherspoon
  • Hillary Fluff
  • Jack Shepherd
  • Lamberta
  • Lambo
  • Lamborghini
  • Mr. Woollington
  • Ms. Fluffington
  • Prince Woollyam
  • Rambo
  • Rammstein
  • Ramones
  • Shearly
  • Wookiee
  • Woolworths
  • Yeti

White sheep names

White is the most iconic fleece color of sheep, and you may want to emphasize your pet’s snow-white appearance.

Many people opt for simple yet elegant names like Snowflake or Pearl, which not only reflect the pristine color of their wool but also evoke a sense of grace and beauty.

Sheep with three lambs looking at the camera

Those seeking a more playful approach might consider names like Cottonball or Marshmallow. These cute and fluffy monikers add an element of fun while still highlighting the sheep’s striking appearance.

Some might choose to pay homage to famous white animals in popular culture such as Snowball (after the white rabbit from The Secret Life of Pets) or Elsa (inspired by Disney’s Frozen).

  • Avalanche
  • Blizzard
  • Coco
  • Cotton
  • Cottonball
  • Creme
  • Elsa
  • Flax
  • Frosty
  • Ivory
  • Latte
  • Lumi (“Snow” in Finnish)
  • Lumikki (Snow White in Finnish)
  • Marshmallow
  • Pearl
  • Popcorn
  • Snowball
  • Snowflake
  • Vanilla
  • Winter

Names for black sheep

Black sheep names can have a bit of a badass vibe to them. After all, these dark beauties tend to stand out from the flock.

Black sheep grazing with two white sheep

On the other hand, black sheep are just as cute as white ones. So you can also choose a cute moniker, such as Licorice.

  • Blackberry
  • Blackie
  • Diablo
  • Ebony
  • Jett
  • Licorice
  • Midnight
  • Mocha
  • Onyx
  • Oreo
  • Raven
  • Rocky
  • Sable
  • Shadow
  • Spade

Good names for sheep

  • Aries
  • Birch
  • Capricorn
  • Charlie
  • Evelyn
  • June
  • Juniper
  • Lamby
  • Lauren
  • Laurence
  • Merry
  • Rowan
  • Sam
  • Shannon
  • Shaun
  • Shelby
  • Shepherd
  • Wallace

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