White dragon names - A green-eyed white dragon with flowers in a fantasy setting

Today, we unveil a treasure trove of 210+ best white dragon names. Explore chillingly beautiful monikers inspired by icy landscapes and fierce titles worthy of legendary creatures.

This comprehensive list will ignite your imagination and leave you dreaming about soaring through clouds on the back of your magnificent beast.

So grab your sword (or pen) and venture into a magical naming quest!

How to choose a name for a white dragon

These types of names generally fit white dragons:

White dragon names can be softer and gentler than black dragon names.

Names that mean ”white”: Names that mean ”white” are, of course, perfect for white dragons!

Also, consider names that mean ”moon”, ”star”, ”cloud”, or ”light”.

Winter names: Because of their white scales, winter names are perfect for white dragons, especially monikers related to snow.

Welsh names: Since the white dragon is prominent in Welsh mythology, Welsh names fit these mythical creatures.

As with all dragon names, monikers that sound somewhat mystical or magical are your best bet. Too generic names don’t fit the bill.

White female dragon names

Here are the top name ideas for white female dragons, including their meanings:

Albina”White” (Latin)
Alpina”Blond” (Scottish)
Arianwen”White, holy silver” (Welsh)
Baiza”White” (Arabic)
Caelyn”Pure, white” (Irish)
Caoilainn”Pure, white” (Irish)
Chandra”Goddess of the moon” (Hindi)
Crystal”Ice” (Greek)
Danala”White swan” (Hebrew)
Dwynwen”White wave” (Welsh)
Edelweiss”Noble white” (German)
Eira”Snow” (Welsh)
Eirwen”Blessed snow” (Welsh)
Fenella”White-shouldered one” (Celtic)
Galatea”Milk-white” (Greek)
Ghadia”Morning, cloud” (Arabic)
Ginevra”White phantom” (Italian)
Guinevere”White fairy” (Welsh)
Gwen”White” (Welsh)
Gwendolyn”White ring” (Welsh)
Gwyneth”Happiness, white” (Welsh)
Haukea”White snow” (Hawaiian)
Kandace”White fire” (Greek)
Lumi”Snow” (Finnish)
Luna”Moon” (Latin)
Marwa”White stone” (Arabic)
Nearidei”White four-leafed flower” (Cambodian)
Palaksi”White” (Hindi)
Rabab”White cloud” (Arabic)
Reem”White deer” (Arabic)
Rowena”White spear” (Welsh)
Selena”Moon” (Greek)
SkadiA winter goddess in Norse myths.
Tamazur”Brilliant, whiteness” (Arabic)
Wenna”White, fair” (Cornish)
Yuki”Snow” (Japanese)
Zahra”White, flower” (Arabic)
Zephyra”West wind” (Greek)
Fierce white dragon with pink roses

White male dragon names

These are the best name ideas for white male dragons, including their meanings:

Akmar”Whiteness” (Arabic)
Albion”White land” (Latin)
Albus”White” (Latin)
Alpin”Fair” (Scottish)
Arjuna”White, clear” (Sanskrit)
Arvind”Lotus” (Sanskrit)
Blanchard”White deer” (French)
Caerwyn”White fortress” (Welsh)
Delwyn”Pretty, white, blessed” (Welsh)
Dhavalachandra”White moon” (Hindi)
Divyatha”White” (Hindi)
Draco”Dragon” (Greek)
Drake”Dragon” (English)
Dwight”White” (Dutch)
Eirwyn”White/blessed snow” (Welsh)
Galvan”Brilliantly white” (Irish)
Gavin”White hawk” (Welsh)
Hakaku”White crane” (Japanese)
Haku”Pure, white” (Japanese)
Himosra”White rayed” (Indian)
Kaldhuta”Completely white or silver” (Hindi)
Lazhar”Very white” (Arabic)
Oyiborhoro”Fair-skinned” (Urhobo)
Pyry”Blizzard” (Finnish)
Skah”White” (Native American)
Tsukiya”Resembles the white moon” (Japanese)
Tusharsuvra”White as snow” (Hindi)
Yukio”Snow boy” (Japanese)
Zal”White-haired” (Persian)
Zeehan”Whiteness, brightness” (Hindi)
Zephyrus”West wind” (Greek)
List of white dragon names with a blue-eyed white dragon statue

Unisex white dragon names

These gender-neutral names fit white dragons with any gender identity:

Ailbhe”White” (Irish)
Alba”White” (Latin)
Bela”White” (Czech)
Ivory”Pale, white” (English)
Mahaskah”White cloud” (Native American)
Mizn”White cloud” (Arabic)
Pahana”Lost white brother” (Native American)
Tristan”Sorrowful” (Celtic)
Wynn”Fair” (Welsh)
Zephyr”West wind” (Greek). This is a fitting name for a white dragon because the white color is associated with the west in the Chinese culture.

Famous white dragon names

AithusaA young white dragon in the Merlin television series.
FalkorA luckdragon in the 1984 movie The Neverending Story. I’m not the first person to notice that he looks more like a gigantic labradoodle than a dragon. But they say he’s a dragon, so I guess so…
FlammieA white dragon in the Secret of Mana video game.
HakuA white dragon in the Studio Ghibli animated film Spirited Away. He’s able to transform into a human.
Light FuryA white dragon in How to Train Your Dragon.
O GonchoA white dragon in Japanese mythology. Symbolizes famine.
RuthA white dragon in the Dragonriders of Pern fantasy series.
A white dragon statue on black background

Cool white dragon names

White dragons derive images of snow and ice, so they’re definitely cool reptiles. Try these badass monikers for your white dragon:

  • Avalanche
  • Blizzard
  • Breezeheart
  • Casablanca (”White house” in Spanish)
  • Cottonwing
  • Cryo
  • Frostbeard
  • Frostwing
  • Ghostwing
  • Iceheart
  • Icetail
  • Moonscale
  • Phantom
  • Shiroyuki (”White snow” in Japanese)
  • Snowscale
  • Snowtail
  • Whitestorm
  • Whitewing
  • Winterwings

Funny names for a white dragon

You can’t deny that white dragons are fierce and magnificent creatures. Some might even call them cold-hearted beasts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with naming them!

  • Angel Frostpants
  • Chalky Whitebottom
  • Chalkzilla
  • Chilly McFrostscale
  • Cottonball
  • Cryo Frostbottom
  • Frosty Coldwing
  • Ice Angersparkle
  • Scaly O’Blizzard
  • Snowball
  • Snowflake Doomtail
  • Snowplow
  • Vanilla Ice
  • Winterella

Chinese names for a white dragon

These Chinese names have meanings that fit white dragons perfectly:

Female names

Baochai”Stockade of treasures”
Chao-Xing”Morning star”
Chenguang”Morning light”
Ehuang”Fairy radiance”
Mei-Xing”Beautiful star”

Male names

Baihu”White tiger”
Deming”Bright, virtuous”
Jie”Purity”. This name fits white dragons since they’re associated with purity in Chinese culture.
Longwei”Dragon greatness”
Minghao”Bright and great”
Muyang”Bathe in the sun”
Yichen”Grand sun, moon, or stars”

Unisex names

Daoming”Shining path”
Ming”Bright, clear”
Ming-Yue”Bright moon”
Xing Xing”Twin stars”
Blue-eyed white dragon statue

White dragon names DnD

White dragons are the embodiment of arctic terror in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

These majestic creatures have an icy presence that is both beautiful and deadly. Their scales shimmer like freshly fallen snow, camouflaging them perfectly amidst their frozen habitat.

With their icy breath weapon, they can freeze anything unfortunate to cross their path in seconds.

White dragons in DnD are unpredictable adversaries, as they will attack with little provocation or warning. They will also hunt down their prey tirelessly, so you have little chance of escaping from them.

While many adventurers fear encountering white dragons due to their ferocity and deadly powers, there is something undeniably awe-inspiring about these majestic creatures. A massive white dragon soaring through the sky with its wings outstretched sends shivers down one’s spine while simultaneously capturing one’s imagination.

These names fit the white dragons in Dungeons and Dragons:

Female names

  • Arveiaturace
  • Augaurath
  • Burnflight
  • Darktail
  • Ghaulantatra
  • Glowroar
  • Halfbreath
  • Hollowspeaker
  • Icaricht
  • Icasaracht
  • Icaungril
  • Igildeg
  • Ironbreaker
  • Irvuntis
  • Lagendri
  • Lisrantis
  • Marvuldidat
  • Naaluvri
  • Nadrendec
  • Nicevic
  • Nogevrag
  • Palebelly
  • Rakantic
  • Razorwatcher
  • Rhagruthegeldan
  • Rhosrastric
  • Ricrezereten
  • Rirvuste
  • Sargluldecht
  • The Awful
  • The Bold
  • The Champion
  • Thundersight
  • Zosrangreg

Male names

  • Arauthator
  • Banebeast
  • Blindhunter
  • Cracuxal
  • Crissac
  • Crocal
  • Cryovain
  • Evenclaws
  • Garbagimom
  • Gaungalas
  • Ghaulathator
  • Ghicirrox
  • Ghomathrax
  • Glazhael the Cloudchaser
  • Icingdeath
  • Kikzazinhol
  • Kirandan
  • Madglide
  • Narber
  • Nightteeth
  • Taarbakataas
  • Telus
  • The Adept
  • The Ambitious
  • The Bright
  • The Disguised
  • The Grave
  • The Oracle
  • The Silent
  • Thethrux
  • Timushalekas
  • Tothrarric
  • Winter Fang
  • Ylezom
  • Zaakzethkix
  • Zongum

White dragons in mythology

White dragons in fantasy and roleplaying games are often ice-breathing creatures that thrive in cold environments. However, white dragons have a specific symbolism in Welsh and Chinese myths.

White dragons in Welsh mythology

There is a magnificent red dragon in the Welsh flag. However, white dragons also have a significant role in Welsh myths.

In Historia Regum Britanniae, the Celtic king Vortigern was looking to build a castle in Dinas Emrys. But the foundations of the castle broke down over and over again.

A young boy (possibly Merlin) told the king the castle site was above an underground lake. Two dragons were sleeping in the lake.

Vortigen’s men dug the ground and found the lake. One of the dragons was white, and the other was red.

The dragons woke up from their sleep and started a fight. The white dragon was mostly dominant, but eventually, the red dragon won the battle.

The red dragon symbolizes the native Britons, while the white dragon represents the Anglo-Saxons.

White dragons in Chinese culture

The white dragon in Chinese is called Bailong (白龍).

The Chinese white dragon is associated with purity and virtue. Sometimes, it is also connected with mourning and can be a bad omen.

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