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Are you looking for the perfect minotaur name for your character?

This article features 233 best minotaur names, each one unique and meaningful. Whether you’re a fan of mythology or looking for a creative name for your next video game character, we’ve got you.

Keep reading to explore minotaur name ideas inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, Greek mythology, and more!

The Minotaur in Greek mythology

The Minotaur is a creature of Greek mythology that has captured the imagination of people for centuries. A fearsome beast with the body of a man and the head of a bull, he inhabited an intricate labyrinth beneath the palace of King Minos on Crete.

The story goes that the Minotaur was born from Queen Pasiphae’s infatuation with a bull.

According to legend, King Minos had commissioned Daedalus, the famous craftsman and inventor, to build the labyrinth and house his monstrous offspring inside it.

Every year, seven Athenian youths and seven maidens would be sent as tribute from Athens to be devoured by the ravenous creature. It wasn’t until Theseus arrived in Crete that there was hope for these unfortunate victims.

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a single creature. But these days, people often talk about minotaurs as mythical species. Minotaur characters are prevalent in cartoons and video games.

In this regard, the Minotaur is similar to another character of Greek mythology: Pegasus. Pegasus was a single character in Greek myths too. But now we talk about pegasi in plural and give them individual names.

How to choose a name for a minotaur

The Minotaur is a beast of Greek myths, so Greek names are fitting for minotaurs.

Also, consider names that mean ”bull”. Or choose something that sounds matching for a minotaur. Think of monikers like Minoru or Minerva.

Sometimes, people give minotaurs names with guttural sounds. Such monikers are popular among many fantasy creatures, like trolls and orcs.

Overall, minotaur names have lots of variety. Go with the type of name that appeals to you the most.

Male minotaur names

Many popular minotaur names are based on Greek mythology. Some examples include AsterionEuryalus, and Polyphemus.

Other options include modern-sounding names like Arlo or Zander. Or opt for the Latin name Taurus (”bull”).

Ambrosios”Immortal” (Greek)
ApolloThe Greek god of sun and light. Apollo means ”destroyer”.
AresThe Greek god of war and courage.
Argus”Vigilant guardian” (Greek)
Arlo”Fortified hill” (Old English)
Asterion”Starry” (Greek). The given name of the Minotaur.
Buck”Male deer” (Old English)
Colossus”A gigantic statue” (Latin)
Didymus”Twin” (Hebrew)
Euryalus”Wide” (Greek)
Fortuno”Luck, fate” (Spanish)
HadesThe god of the underworld in Greek myths.
HerculesA hero in Greek mythology.
IcarusMinos imprisoned Daedalus and his son Icarus in the labyrinth where the Minotaur dwelled.
Ludo”Famous warrior” (Dutch and Germanic)
Manos”God is with us” (Greek)
Minco”Chief” (Native American)
Miner”Coal miner” (English)
Minoru”Fruitful” (Japanese)
Minos”King” (Greek)
Olympus”From Mount Olympus” (Greek)
Polyphemus”Many voices” (Greek)
Sever”Fierce stronghold” (Anglo-Saxon)
Spyridon”Basket” (Greek)
Taurus”Bull” (Latin)
Titan”Defender” (Greek)
Zander”Defender of men” (Greek)
Zephyrus”West wind” (Greek)
A mythical minotaur bull in a Greek palace

More male names:

  • Drazius
  • Drukurun
  • Garphas
  • Gruzun
  • Janduk
  • Jargur
  • Khudiax
  • Kulkud
  • Naprix
  • Nurbuk
  • Nurox
  • Pratius
  • Prudir
  • Prumax
  • Rilrag
  • Rimyr
  • Tinbor
  • Tinbur
  • Tudrun
  • Tunrag
  • Tuntarak
  • Tunvas
  • Vymuk
  • Vyrkud
  • Wannarak
  • Warkirus
  • Xabaruk
  • Xadiax
  • Xynyr
  • Zyrmus

Female minotaur names

In mythology, the Minotaur was a male. But that doesn’t mean you should restrict your creativity. If you want to create a female minotaur for your story, go for it!

One of the best name options for a female minotaur is the Latin name Taura. It means ”like a bull”. Or go for Greek mythology names like Athena or Cassiopeia.

Andromeda”Ruler of men” (Greek)
AthenaThe Greek goddess of war and wisdom.
Aurora”Dawn” (Latin)
CassiopeiaAn ancient Greek character who became a constellation.
Fantasia”Fantasy” (Spanish)
Fortuna”Luck” (Spanish)
HeraThe goddess of marriage and family in Greek myths.
Kassandra”Unheeded prophetess” (Greek)
Maya”Illusion” (Sanskrit)
Mercia”Mercy” (English origin)
Mina”Royalty” (Greek)
Minami”Beautiful wave” (Japanese)
Mindel”Comfort” (Yiddish)
Minerva”Intellect” (Latin)
Mineta”Merciful” (Arabic)
Minka”Strong” (Polish origin)
Olympia”From Mount Olympus” (Greek)
Pallas”Wisdom” (Greek)
Pandora”All gifted” (Greek)
Phoebe”Bright” (Greek)
Taura”Like a bull” (Latin)
Titania”Giant” (Greek)
Xena”Guest” (Greek)
Zephyra”West wind” (Greek)
Zophia”Wisdom” (Greek)

More female names:

  • Baesen
  • Blidris
  • Drytana
  • Drytin
  • Dryzia
  • Geratana
  • Gnerkohn
  • Helbea
  • Helpheras
  • Hilran
  • Kalsia
  • Kharyl
  • Khebes
  • Kheden
  • Konzera
  • Memys
  • Molbei
  • Nesjice
  • Nonaga
  • Phipea
  • Prefrae
  • Relfera
  • Tegera
  • Vresien
  • Vryrya
  • Wrinaga
  • Wryja
  • Wysnira
  • Xekohn
  • Xynith

Unisex minotaur names

Don’t want to be gender-specific?

Unisex minotaur names - A white minotaur sculpture with a bird on  top of its head

These gender-neutral minotaur names fit most minotaurs regardless of their gender identities:

Artemis”Butcher” (Greek)
Calypso”Hidden” (Greek)
Merlin”Sea fortress” (Welsh)
Milo”Soldier” or ”merciful” (German)
Ming”Bright” (Chinese)
Mirage”Illusion” (French)
Nikita”Victor” (Greek)
Orion”Boundary” (Greek)
Quest”Search, mission” (Latin origin)
Salem”Peace” (Hebrew)
Shadow”Shade” (English)
Zephyr”West wind” (Greek)

More unisex names:

  • Benzera
  • Ginphes
  • Grema
  • Grenba
  • Grensal
  • Haldis
  • Hasrah
  • Jandis
  • Janjia
  • Kelmian
  • Nalmis
  • Perjia
  • Regryan
  • Senga
  • Syrneth
  • Trigres
  • Tykir
  • Tymor
  • Vega
  • Venra
  • Vrivin
  • Walna
  • Winmas
  • Wrephes
  • Wrerah
  • Wykel
  • Xadres
  • Xelnar
  • Xilkeas
  • Xyvas

Funny minotaur names

Naming a fantasy character is an opportunity to have fun and let loose. These funny and punny minotaur names allow you to do just that:

  • Auroch Angerfury
  • Eugenio Evilhorns
  • Fate Furyhorns
  • Horns Oxroar
  • Ludo Labyrinthslayer
  • Manos Heavyhoof
  • Minocchio
  • Minolta
  • Minosaur
  • Nikita Niceyhoofs
  • Taurus Tempertantrum
  • Toro Toughspell

Famous minotaur names

Famous minotaur names - A minotaur bull facing a female warrior on the beach
Iron WillA minotaur and assertiveness coach in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
RintrahA green-skinned minotaur in Marvel comics.

Disney minotaur names

Larry the MinotaurA character in the 2018 animated Disney series Legend of the Three Caballeros.
ManotaursMinotaur-like creatures in the Gravity Falls episode ”Dipper vs. Manliness”.
MinosA con artist minotaur in Disney’s Aladdin television series.
The MinotaurA mythical minotaur in the animated Disney film Hercules.

DnD minotaur names

These names fit the minotaurs in the Dungeons and Dragons game. We’re providing naming options for both males and females.

Male D&D minotaur names

  • Anevin Greatvigor
  • Cargarak Heavyfury
  • Codron Vigilstriker
  • Danarak Jaggedvigor
  • Djunnarak Honorspeaker
  • Drinrak Gloryleader
  • Emnas Greatfury
  • Entinu Goblinleader
  • Entisia Greatspeaker
  • Eralian Toughpelt
  • Granmanuk Silentbane
  • Hinedin Heavyslash
  • Huntaruk Keenhorn
  • Kimas Vigilskin
  • Koorus Glorywarrior
  • Kranparan Ruggedhunter
  • Kurvrak Bearwalker
  • Laanmin Steadystriker
  • Neatin Agilehoof
  • Neota Rockslash
  • Noerus Steelskull
  • Nuonim Stoutwalker
  • Podfuran Rockmind
  • Raktaruk Orcwalker
  • Raspen Swifthoof
  • Reolian Brightfury
  • Tesmi Boulderhand
  • Tiala Sharproar
  • Zardak Brightleader
  • Zardak Stormhunter

Female D&D minotaur names

  • Arekea Greatstriker
  • Aselian Ironhand
  • Emdane Steadyfist
  • Eradera Ruggedfist
  • Estepen Steelhoof
  • Faszara Nimblestep
  • Henefa Keenwalker
  • Hesvera Ruggedheart
  • Hilalian Thickheart
  • Hinenore Honorhoof
  • Hinetrin Jaggedhorn
  • Kaolin Truthhand
  • Linezara Brightskin
  • Loope Boulderfury
  • Miradane Orcfury
  • Miralin Keenfighter
  • Nanlo Vigilhand
  • Oenres Heavyhorn
  • Raasmira Boulderslayer
  • Rasdra Honoreye
  • Rinape Stonehorn
  • Rinarin Braveskull
  • Seesdra Steelheart
  • Seokea Boulderhorn
  • Seosia Honorbane
  • Teezara Honorvigor
  • Teskea Fearlessslash
  • Testri Vigilfist
  • Uovasen Truthhand
  • Viares Agileskull

Minotaur FAQ

Pasiphae and Minotauros

What are the names of the Greek Minotaur?

The original Greek name for the Minotaur was Minotauros. It means ”Minos’s Bull”.

The Minotaur also had a given name: Asterion. It means ”starry one”. Asterion was also the name of Minos’s foster father.

Do minotaurs have hooves?

Based on Greek myths, minotaurs don’t have hooves. In Greek mythology, the Minotaur had a man’s body and the head of a bull. He had feet instead of hooves.

Yet minotaurs are often portrayed with hooves in modern fantasy games and cartoons.

More Greek mythology names:

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