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Satyrs, the mythical creatures known for their wild and mischievous nature, have intrigued storytellers and artists for centuries.

In this article, we delve into the fascinating realm of satyr names.

Maybe you’re creating a whimsical fantasy world or seeking inspiration for your next game character. Find the perfect moniker for your satyr today!

Satyrs in mythology

With their playful personalities and connections to nature, satyrs have become popular characters in literature, movies, and role-playing games.

People often confuse satyrs with fauns. They tend to think satyrs are half-goat, half-humans like fauns. And satyrs are often portrayed this way in fiction.

But actually, satyrs are quite different from fauns. Satyrs are creatures of Greek mythology, while fauns appeared in Roman myths.

In Greek mythology, satyrs were depicted as insatiable creatures with a horse’s tail and ears. The rest of their bodies were more human-like.

Satyrs often had long, mane-like hair and beards.

The idea of satyrs as goat-like creatures is not entirely false. Since the Renaissance, satyrs have been portrayed with the legs and horns of a goat. However, the original satyrs in Greek myths were entirely different from the goat-like creature.

How to choose a satyr name

Since satyrs in Greek myths had features of a horse, horse names work for these mythical creatures.

You could find inspiration from monikers of other Greek horse-like creatures, such as Pegasus names or maybe even centaur names.

Of course, Greek mythology names are a great fit for satyrs.

You can also choose a name that reflects satyrs’ love for dancing, wine, and music.

Since satyrs are nature spirits, nature-themed names are also fitting for them.

Female satyr names

In Greek mythology, satyrs were portrayed as male.

But you don’t need to limit your imagination. If you want to create a female satyr character for your story, go for it!

Here are some fitting name ideas to help you out:

AthenaThe goddess of war and wisdom in Greek myths.
Aurora“Dawn” (Latin)
CassiopeiaThe mother of Andromeda in Greek mythology.
Diana“Divine” (Latin)
Eowyn“Horse lover” (English)
Hippolyta“Horse let loose” (Greek)
Lyra“Lyre” (Greek)
Lyris“Lyre” (Greek)
Melodia“Music, song” (Greek)
Olympia“From Mount Olympus” (Greek)
Pallas“Wisdom” (Greek)
Philippa“Lover of horses” (Greek)
Phoebe“Bright” (Greek)
SaturnaA female version of the name Saturn.
Sylvia“From the forest” (Latin)
SyrahA type of red wine. A fitting name for a wine-loving satyr!

Male satyr names

List of satyr names with Greek water satyr statues

These names are inspired by Greek mythology and other themes that fit satyrs:

ApolloThe Greek god of sun and light.
Belvedere“Beautiful view” (Italian). This name fits satyrs because they are all about enjoying the beauty of life.
DionysusThe god of wine and fertility in Greek myths. A fitting name for a satyr since satyrs were associated with Dionysus.
Hippocrates“Horse power” (Greek)
Hippolytus“Horse let loose” (Greek)
Olympus“From Mount Olympus” (Greek)
PanThe god of the wild and shepherds in Greek mythology. Satyrs got more and more mixed up with Pans over history, resulting in the depiction of a goat-like satyr.
Philip“Lover of horses” (Greek)
SaturnThe name of a Roman god.
Sirius“Burning” (Greek)
Sylvius “Forest” (Latin)
Xanthippos“Yellow horse” (Greek)

Unisex satyr names

A satyr holding a basket of grapes and quinces with a nymph by Peter Paul Rubens
A satyr holding a fruit basket with a nymph by Peter Paul Rubens

These monikers fit satyrs of any gender identity:

ArtemisThe goddess of hunting and wild animals in Greek mythology.
Griffin“Strong lord” (Latin)
Harper“Harp player” (English)
Lyric“Lyre” (Greek origin)
Pinot NoirA type of red wine grape.
Piper“Flute player” (English). This name fits satyrs since they were often portrayed playing flutes.

Satyr names DnD

The satyrs in Dungeons and Dragons are hedonists. Enjoying the pleasures of life is what matters to them most. And they won’t let the grumpiness of any other creatures bring them down!

These names fit the satyrs in Dungeons and Dragons:

Male names

  • Defian
  • Deolekos
  • Efo
  • Eominin
  • Eontos
  • Eretos
  • Fokias
  • Fyrizos
  • Intos
  • Nemon
  • Nentavias
  • Nentitos
  • Nikos
  • Nofan
  • Okis
  • Onton
  • Onyma
  • Pafos
  • Peofon
  • Pyrin
  • Speokylos
  • Speorezon
  • Spolos
  • Tefon
  • Teros
  • Tilin
  • Tofarias
  • Zariavos
  • Zila
  • Zofon

Female names

  • Afniri
  • Chaki
  • Channili
  • Defna
  • Dia
  • Enni
  • Ikiloe
  • Innila
  • Iradoi
  • Likila
  • Naria
  • Nevra
  • Nia
  • Noi
  • Nosi
  • Tenni
  • Tera
  • Tia
  • Xaifniya
  • Xairara
  • Xasoe
  • Xevriya
  • Xifnilia
  • Xikedi
  • Xoe
  • Xoliri
  • Yakia
  • Yoikeni
  • Ziridi
  • Zovroe

Famous satyr names

Medieval satyr in Aberdeen Bestiary
A medieval satyr from the Aberdeen Bestiary

Here are some famous satyrs from Greek mythology, books, movies, and video games:

AlchemistA satyr in the Fracture Hills realm in Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!
Gleeson HedgeA satyr in The Heroes of Olympus novel series.
Grover UnderwoodA satyr in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians book series.
MarsyasA famous satyr in Greek mythology.
PhiloctetesA grumpy satyr in the 1997 animated Disney film Hercules.
SilenusA satyr and Dionysus’s companion in Greek myths.

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